AC300+B300 EU Version: only max. 2300 W AC charging? (230V 10A)

Hi there!

The maximum charging speed of my AC300 is currently limited to 10A (@ 230V), which equals to 2.300 Watts. However, should it not be possible to charge with up to 3.000 Watts? For this, about 13A would be needed, but I cannot enter 13A.

Also, I’m locked out of advanced settings, which requires a password. Generally I do not like to be restricted by any manufacturer passwords for a device I rightfully own! It is my device, so I want FULL control.


@mas1701 The password to adjust the input current is 159873.
Set the current to be less than the maximum current that can be supplied by the circuitry connected to the machine, including sockets, wires, and circuit breakers.
The input current changes, the power will also change accordingly.

Thanks. In Germany, we usually have 230V 16A circuits. And even higher values for some special devices like ovens and electric water heaters - up to 32A per phase. Reduction below 16A may be a good idea where very old, weak cables have been used. Not a problem here.

I also use high-quality cables for AC in and out of my AC300. Those are 5m extension cables from the wall outlet to the AC300 and back to the wall outlet, where the plug for my IT equipment was formerly directly plugged into the wall outlet. So these cables won’t get hot (in fact, they are not even getting warm).