AC300 B300 charging issue part 2

In my unit (EU version) i’ve this problem during charging

In the picture the right and left part of graphs are charged with PV , the middle one in by AC. Sometimes i have some high drop even during discharging: recalibrating seems not fix the problem. All the data come from Home Assistant integration.

@BogNik This graph looks like it will rise faster at one or two o’clock in the afternoon. This time is generally the best time for light intensity.

About 50% in about 10 minutes is not possible, is like to have an input of 9000W !!!
I wonder if the problem is in the BMS or somewhere where the percentage is calculated.

@BogNik Can you send me the AC300 firmware version and the B300 BMS version?
I’ll ask for the engineer in charge for you.

AC300: DSP 4036.05 , ARM 4037.05, HMI 6035.04
B300: 1014.16
Anyway Bluetti EU will recall my B300 unit next week.

@BogNik Thank you for your feedback. Can you also provide the SN code for AC300 pls?

The number is SN 2222000749782.