AC300 +B300 charge from AC with 670W only

Hi, I received my AC300+B300 pair a few days ago. I installed, tested it, saw it pre-charged at ~66%.
However, when I try to charge from AC (230V) it charges with ~670W only.

What I find weird: after plugging AC power I see it charging with about 1.2kw and the fan spins up, but then after a few seconds the charging power decreases to 670W as mentioned above. Any idea?

Hi @Hopplakowski , Does your machine have any loaded devices?
What is the SOC value? Please try to adjust the AC input current to see if the AC input power will improve some.

There’s NO loaded devices.
AC input currently is limited to 10 A on 230 V AC
This 670W limit looks a bit like the AC input current limit is set to 3 A only although it displays 10 A

Found and resolved the problem.
It seems that the iser interface of the AC 300 has a bug. It defaults to 3 A (which corresponds to the 670 W load I mensioned above. However, if you change to e.g. 5 A, it works properly resulting in the expected 1150 W loading power. From that moment you can change to the maximum of 10 A which results in properly charging ~2300 W.

@Bluetti team: this bug should be fixed with an update for the firmware of the AC300.

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Received, thank you for your feedback!