AC300 & B300 - capacity test shows 2400Wh out of 3072 with constant load of 1600W... acceptable?

My AC300+B300 unit has been in service for about 5 months now. It’s used daily to power my office and I wanted to make a capacity test as I started to use heating (November…)

Test summary:

  • Load: 1600 Watt electric radiator.
  • Wattmeter reads 1600 watts.
  • AC300 screen mentions ~1725 watts.

I suppose the difference between 1600 and 1725 watts is the inverter’s efficiency (about 94-95% in this case). This seems OK to me.

Applying this continuous load of 1600 watts drained the battery in about an hour and a half.

The wattmeter reads that a total of about 2400 Wh were consumed by the radiator.
Considering the 95% efficiency of the inverter (as calculated above), this means only 2,526 Wh were drawn out of the 3072 Wh of theoretical battery capacity.

This means that a “full battery” actually refers to 82% of the B300’s marketed capacity.
This seems a bit low to me especially since I factored in the inverter’s efficiency.

Not taking the inverter’s efficiency would mean I only get 78% of the advertised capacity of usable AC power with a decent load.

Am I being too picky here, or am I reasonable to consider these values to be too low?
Also, @BLUETTI does this seem right according to your lab tests?

As per Bluetti 10% is held in reserve and is not available and another 10% of the remaining 90% is lost through the inverter so about 80% is normal. I’ve seen anywhere between 79% and 85% with my B300 depending on load and length of time so it sounds like yours is in the ball park.