AC300-B300 Bundle PV200 Solar Panel Poor Weak Stand

Hello Bluetti Folks
I’m new with solar, its less than a month when the bundle were delivered in staggard 5/11/22. AC300-B300 bundle with 3 PV200 solar panels. The PV200 can’t stand with its weak legs, the solar panels are too heavy for the stand. Are there comparable solar panels with sturdier stands to replace the PV200 that will work for this generator? Would appreciate advise. I contacted customer service for replacement of sturdier panels or process a refund - RMA, called everyday - no one picks up, nor return my messages. This is upsetting to spend almost $6k with unsatisfactory product and NO available customer service!!!

This item should have been discontinued or the defect should have been disclosed.
I discourage anyone from purchasing PV200 unless the risk of laying flat on the ground is feasible.

If strength is the goal, you need to go to rigid panels. I have the PV 200 and have not had a stand or panel collaps ever. Yes they are somewhat flexible but the panels are not too heavy for the kickstands. I am assuming you have unsnapped the adjustable angle stops. Folding soft panels are meant for flexibility and portability. If wanting something to keep set up 24-7 hard panels mounted to a hard mounting bracket are the way to go. I did a review on the facebook group page on the PV200 months ago and did mention that the stands could be improved with an additional stand as well as stiffer backing.

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