AC300 API's/SDK?

Is there an SDK or API available for accessing AC300 data? I’d love to log all of my AC data and build a custom dashboard on it.


Hi @brian0123,

Thank you for asking.
I’m sorry that there is no any SDK or API available now.

Thanks @BLUETTI . It would be great if you considered opening them up at some point. There might be interest in the community to build custom apps around it. For myself I’d love to log all solar generation data by hour, as well as output to my devices being powered by my unit. Thanks


This would also interest me. I find the lack of data the app has to be a real disappointment!

Seems like a a big opportunity here :slight_smile:

I would love access to an API as well. I’d like to setup alerts and create custom monitoring of power data.

I am also interested in either an SDK or 3rd party software that enables AC300 data logging.

A user on diysolarforum is working on a project to log information from the AC300. If interested, read this post Monitoring Bluetti Systems | DIY Solar Power Forum