AC300 and Wifi Connectivity via Android App

I recently received my AC300 and two B300s, and set everything up. I can connect to the system from my Pixel 5a through Bluetooth but not from Wifi. When I attempt to connect via Wifi, it asks me if “I need to reconfigure Wifi for this device?” I tap “Set”. I then entire my network’s name (name has no special characters) and password and tap “Set Up”. It then says “Network settings successfully”, and I tap “Okay”.

It then places me back to the list of devices as if it unsuccessfully connected. I can connect via Bluetooth, and try to setup the Wifi through the settings of the device, but that also results in the same issue.

My Wifi router does support 2.4G. The app doesn’t request permissions for network or Wifi (what the booklet suggests for Wifi connectivity issues), so I’m unable to allow those permissions from my Pixel’s OS settings.

This isn’t a huge deal, but I thought I’d mention it. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hi, I am using the app with an iphone/ios. The connectivity information for wifi and bluetooth is somewhat lacking. Once you provided your SSID and password entered it successfully on the app, go to the lcd screen of the AC300 and page through setup till you see the wifi status. If it says connected and not say disconnected, then the AC300 has wifi ronnectivty. However, I will try to connect using wifi from the app to the AC300 by tapping on the online/wifi symbol on the app and it is fickle/hit and miss whether it will connect. I would Keep trying and hopefully it will eventual connect. I hope Bluetti support will address this issue as bluetooth distance is limited.

Here is an update to the wifi sporadic hit and miss connection I was experiencing.
I have a google mesh router setup at home. I moved one of the mesh routers downstairs to the basement very close (about 10 feet) next to the AC300 units to give it better wifi signal. Now I can connect using wifi to the AC300 very consistently from upstairs where it was hit and missed /sporadic before. Now once or twice it may take a short time longer to connect but it does connect consistently now. So even though the AC300 says wifi is connected before, it appears a stronger wifi signal strength is obviously important for consistent connecting.

Thanks for the additional info @t4602yf!

After testing it a bit more, I’m still unable to connect via WiFi. My Google WiFi router is only a few feet away, and restarting the system doesn’t help. I’ve also checked out the status of WiFi on the screen of the AC300 itself, and it displays “Disconnected”, even after it says “Network settings successfully” on my phone. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If it says wifi disconnected, the AC300 is not connected to wifi. You have to get the AC300 wifi status to indicate connected. Question is why does the app say connected successfully and the settings say disconnected? Do you have only 1 AC300? If you have 2, does it happen to both the same way? Sounds like you need to contact support. As I said, the information provided is very basic. Check your router and see if an IP address is assigned to the AC300. Maybe you can find something on the router logs.

I just read a post by DX9S, [How many AC300 failures do we have out there?].
He says he had an AC300 that had a bad wireless module. Don’t know if your wireless card could be bad.

@t4602yf I only have one AC300. I can look more into router information when I find the time. I think you’re right, and I should just directly contact support.

I’ve been doing some experimenting on this issue, as I’m seeing similar things. I also have a Google Mesh WiFi, and I think the problem lies with NAT loopback / port forwarding. The AC300 actually connects to the internet just fine using the network login info, but when my phone is on the same network as the AC300, the app has issues connecting…shows the AC300 is disconnected, but that’s false. When I disable WiFi on my phone and connect through cell signal, I have a rock solid connection to the AC300 via the cloud, so this leads me to believe the issue is NAT / port forwarding related…any idea what port the AC300 or the app uses to communicate with the Bluetti servers? Anyway, when I find that out, I’ll set up port forwarding in the Google Home app and I think that will fix the issue. If it does, I’ll report back.

Actually, everything seems to be working after restarting my Google router and my phone. The app connects to the AC300 using both the Bluetooth option and the WiFi option with no drops.

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Did support revolve your issue? I have the same problem with my new AC300.

For me, I had to move the Bluetti to my guest Wifi network because it seems the Bluetti software may have one or both of these limitations around password:

  • a character maximum of 30
  • some special characters aren’t allowed

After I shortened and simplified the password used, which is antethetical to good security, it connected to my network. This is why it’s on my guest network, not my primary network.

I’d recommend temporarily changing your network password to something simple and short to test this theory.

I did roughly the same, added the AC300 to my guest network so I didn’t have to change my primary network’s password, which contained an illegal character. I still had a hard time getting the AC300 to connect. I think forcing the app closed and rebooting my routers finally solved it.

Thanks for all the tips. I setup a Guest Network and after rebooting it finally connects

Looks like a trace. My AC300 loses the connection every few days although it is connected to my TP-Link Access Point with only some bytes of traffic but can’t be seen from the app and is shown not connected on the display.
The connection to the cloud is not working.
PS: restarting the AP does not help, switching Wifi off and on on the display neither.