AC300 and B300 charging via DC1 & DC2 with different solar panels - can it be done?

I have an AC300 and 3 B300’s set up and currently charge with 2 PV350 solar panels via CP2 which seems to allow for two “blocks” of solar panels to be connected being DC1 and DC2. At the moment I only use DC1 but can I also use DC2 with different panels - DC1 would have one block of two PV350 and DC2 would have a single PV200 - can I do this?

Hi @GoneBush

Yes, DC1 and DC2 are independent MPPTs. So you can connect different Panels on DC1 than on DC2 :slight_smile:


Yes, of course.
It is important not to exceed the voltage of 150V per input.
Use the VOC voltage specified for the panels for the calculation.
Note that the voltage of the panels in series connection is added together.

Best wishes, Joachim

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