AC300 and AC200 Max won't shut down

I went to shut down my AC300 yesterday for the first time since powering my house now for 3 weeks & when I tried to shut the control head down, it gave me a notice that I needed to shut the PV input off in order for it to shut down.
So I went to the PV input & switched it to “other” as there is no “off or on.”
The unit still gave me the same warning.
I went through the setup to see if I was missing anything.
I tried several things, but still would get that message, so it would not let me shut it down.
The manual says nothing about this issue & only states to press the button to shut off.
I finally disconnected the solar input cable & then it shut down fine.

I then went to my AC200 MAX & tried to shut it off.
The same thing, except the Max does not give you a notice,
it just shuts down & then reboots.
It does this every time.
I also pressed the “other” button to take it off “PV” mode, but like the AC300, it did not make a difference.
So I unplugged the solar cable from the PV input & it shut off just fine.

I really don’t want to have to always unplug the cable from the PV input every time I want to shut them down?
Has anyone had this happen to them on either of these units?
Could you tell me what is wrong? or is there something I am doing wrong in my settings?

AC300 owner here, same behavior with the wall plug. Seems to be a feature, not a bug.
I really do hope that Bluetti will add an option to the next firmware iteration, to power down the unit while having PV/wall power connected.

Hi @Winne @coz , When the machine is connected to the solar panel for PV charging is a direct activation of the machine, and can not be turned off. But you can set the hibernation time to turn off the screen.

Wow! It doesn’t shut off? a is it wise to put in a solar disconnect button? Suggestions???
Currently I’m in bed with a broken foot and non weight bearing instructions, my new ac300/b300 is sitting unused in my living room! Haven’t even been able to switch it on yet. And getting as much info as I can from the forums, since the owners manuals are a bit lacking…. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice, so many problems listed…anyone have positive reviews? Lol

It’s a feature with almost all Bluetti power stations. When the sun rises, you don’t want to have to turn on your unit, it should automatically power on and start charging the battery. It’s this feature that’s preventing you from shutting off the unit when PV is connected with an in-range voltage.

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Here is what Bluetti told me:

If you want to turn off the unit or turn off PV, panels must be disconnected.

Because if panels attached and the right mode chosen, the unit will be on.

PV charging is also designed as a way to activate the unit when the unit can’t be turned on. So the only way to shut if off is disconnecting panels from the unit.

Also, AC300 has UPS function, once panels connected, it also helps complete UPS function.

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