AC300 AMP Output Limitation & House Circuit Breakers

The AC300 Amp output is (I believe) 25-30 Amps. Does that mean when connecting to your house (such as via a transfer switch) that you can only have circuit breakers on that cumulatively total only 25-30 amps? Assuming each circuit is using its full amperage, could a person only power UP TO one 20 or 30 amp circuit breaker OR UP TO two 15 amp circuit breakers in the entire house!!! Sounds like this is incredibly limited!! OR am I not understanding something here?

you can put, lets say 10 outlets or more on a house 1-15amp or 20amp circuit breaker in like bedrooms /living rooms -most are used for having lights /small amp draws.Kitchen counter tops may lets say may usually only 3 for one circuit -on 20 amp breaker.because of high amp appliances. To answer you question YES it is limited to to total amperage draw, on that circuit breaker.

Thank you. Please let me see if understand your second and third sentences:
2nd Sentence: Rooms like the kitchen may only have up to 3 outlet plugs tied to one 20 amp breaker, since higher amperage devices are often found in the kitchen.

3rd Sentence: the AC300, since it is limited to 25-30 amperage output, can only connect to 1 or 2 breakers that cumulatively total 25-30 amps.

Conclusion: Therefore, since the circuit that powers refrigerators is typically 20 amps, NO OTHER 15-20 AMP CIRCUITS CAN BE POWERED BY THE AC300?! If true, that would mean spending thousands of dollars on the AC300 to power ONLY one circuit (i.e., the refrigerator), plus any small devices which can plug directly into the generator (such as a fan, or perhaps one TV or one computer)!

Am I correct in my interpretation and its conclusions? If not, what are you saying?

to say again 300max=3000 watts=divide by 120 volts=25 amps total ,no more but momentary surge

you can use one of these to see exact needs,unless you have a very old refrig /freezer pulling a hell of a lot of amps/watts-(most newer ones maybe 500 -600 watts to 50 watts )you can do alot with 3000 watts.But remember motor start up amp spike.
so if you are using transfer switch ,just connect what areas you want power and de load if needed.

I have an older garage fridge and the most it will spike is 750 watts measured with a killowatt meter that stores high and low watt readings. My newer kitchen fridge never gets much more than 300 watts. Haven’t checked my gas furnace yet as its to damn hot at the moment!

yeap my side by side refer gets 290…have Midea chest freezer 120 spike 40 runnin,only paid $180 costco 2 years ago…keepit full with 80%water bottles/jugs…some ice cream frozen veggies .
older big upright get 325 ish on start up.


You said in your message that the AC300 continuous Amp output is limited to 25 amps (3000 watt inverter divided by 120 v). If that is true, then why is the AC200MAX with 2200 watt inverter have a 30 watt RV output? Shouldn’t it be 2200 divided by 120v to give 18.33 amps instead of the 30 watts??

simple answer about 18 amp recep…they dont make one
they have a 30 amp because that is found on most RVs.General rule on electrical -ok to go under amps on
on recep/wiring /circuit protection ///not over.
dont feel bad ,i am 65 years old/my grand father build houses/drilled oil wells/mr father was a water well-water drilling/ plant contractor for 50 years/i was vice pres of that co for 11 years.1988 i started my own small co-just semi retiring .Many decades of water pump /control panel building/fabrication/starting with wooded land building complete water plants from starch.Build -myself- My 2 story house,so what im saying is i have been thru the ringer of trial-error-ears/eyes open on many aspects of these topics.There is a vast world of info on boards like this and many forums to learn takes a while .But you will soon get the hang of it.

The AC300 will use the same UPS box as the EP500/Pro. Here is some info, if it helps. I confirmed with Bluetti that this subpanel is UL listed.

I cannot find the bluetti ups sub panel on their website. Just preordered the ac300 plus 4 batteries and want to power critical loads. This panel would be great but can’t find it.

Contact Bluetti sales at:

Might think about the Reliance R310A (ten circuits) or the R306A (six circuits) transfer switch. It uses standard circuit breakers, making changes/repair very easy. I do not know if the Bluetti uses standard ones or not…from a visual perspective of a photograph it appears they do not.

You can hook up a backup panel where the sum of individual circuits exceed the 25A input from the AC300. In fact, if you look at your main service panel, the sum of the breakers likely adds up to a more than the 100A or 200A service input. You just have to make sure what you actually use do not exceed 25A continuously. Even though a circuit is wired for say 15A, the actual usage is usually way less. 3000w or 25A would be enough to power the most important loads in a home less the power hungry stuff like dryer, AC, heat pump. Lights, gas fired furnace, communication, fridges, pumps no issues. If you need more, you can get another AC300 and link them together for 6000w.

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