AC300 alarm and faults

Has anyone seen this? I just got it this week, I’m getting these errors… between the 2 batteries I bought and the 3 350W solar panels, I’ve invested close to 9k in this system and it’s just a hunk of junk. So frustrating. I can’t get anyone at Bluetooth on the phone and have sent an email and made a ticket on the app. So frustrating!!

I know your pain! Bluetti has ZERO customer service. If I were you, and it’s not too late, I’d send that “hunk of junk” back to Bluetti. Any minute now, the apologists and cheerleaders will jump on this thread with their copy and paste comments “they’re super busy”…“don’t use phone, email is best”…“gee, Bluetti has been great to me”. Don’t walk away from Bluetti. RUN!!!