AC300 Alarm A083 Frequency too high

We just received our new AC300, connected it to our generator, and received an alarm (A083 Frequency too high). Now what? We did send an email to Bluetti support and are waiting their response. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks.

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I would suggest plugging your AC300 into a normal household AC source. If the alarm is not present and the AC300 charges normally, I would assume that the generator you are attempting to charge the AC300 is operating at a frequency out of the input range. Your generator my need to have the frequency (motor speed) adjusted to obtain the correct frequency for your region.

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We live offgrid. There is no power grid here, so our generator is our only source of electricity. This same generator works great with out AC200Max. We have been running it for months without issue. What other options do we have? This was a big investment. It would be annoying to have to return it because it doesn’t work properly. Thanks.

If your generator is not outputting 60htz (assuming us) then it needs to be adjusted to the correct us std 60 htz. You can damage items (not just your bluetti) if the frequency is not correct. A cheap plug in killowatt meter will tell you what frequency the generator is running at. You may have noticed that your 200 max utilizes a power brick to charge with which is much more tolerant of non std power. The AC300 with on board electronic charger requires clean power at the correct voltage and frequency

Our generator outputs 118.4v and 62/63hz. I am not aware of a way to modify the outputs. And if I understand you correctly, there is no fix for this on the Bluetti side, right? So, my only real option is either to replace my generator or return my new AC300, correct? Thanks.

I’m going to assume that your generator is not an inverter generator, and as @Scott-Benson stated, the AC200Max’s power brick is going to have less of an issue with the frequency. So, basically your generator’s engine is turning too quickly, and it is the RPMs that create the frequency of the output.

One way to try to get past the issue is to see if putting a load on the generator before plugging in your AC300 might slow the engine down enough to get through the AC300’s checks. I don’t know what your generator capacity is, but perhaps try plugging in a load of 500 watts, or maybe more like 1,500 watts. That may well load the generator enough to get the engine RPMs down to the right speed. Once the AC300 is loading the generator then you can try disconnecting the temporary load.

The other point is that with a non-inverter generator the engine speed is regulated either mechanically or via electronics, but either way it may be necessary to adjust the regulated speed down by around 3% to 5% based on your measurements.

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I am going to reach out to Champion to check if the RPM’s are adjustable, as that sounds like a good fix here. Thanks.

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There is no fix on the Bluetti side because the issue is the generator power output quality. Electronics require electrical power that falls within a range of specifications just like your vehicle requires fuel that meets minimum requirements. If you are able to lower the engine governed speed to match the correct 60 htz output and assuming it is a pure sine wave output, you should be good. In any case, I would think of adjusting or replacing the generator with one with higher quality power output since the $$ of the Bluetti far outpace the $$ of the generator.


Understood. I need a generator with an inverter. Thanks.