AC300-Add On to Question about pv input reduces....- Where does the excess current go PV v. Output

This is all new to me but I am wondering because the numbers don’t add up. My PV Input=1920 split between the two controllers. When I have a heavy load (1500w) and I am charging, how do you figure out the correct input and out numbers? Should they add up?
Example1: Output 1500-1700-with different plugs, input states somewhere around 500watts.
Example2: Output 700± with different plugs, input states 1kw.
How do I know what is charging what, i.e.- Is there excess and where does it go? If no excess what exactly is the process for the machine to figure out how much to use for the output and how that affects the PV input? I am not using the ac plug for charging.

Just imagine your Bluetti as a bank.

  • Your solar panels has the job to make money and to put them inside your Bluetti.
  • The appliances that you connect to Bluetti they spend that money.
  • If you’re low on money in your bank, your solar panels will work together with Sun to get you money.

These processes occur simultaneously.
If your Bluetti reach the 100% of money capacity, the solar panels will just stop making money until you will spend them again by the connected appliances.
If your solar panels are making money (input) but you are also spending them at the same time by using appliances (output), based on the Bluetti actual % of capacity, the input/output numbers are not adding up because what your solar panel is making it is also put inside the Bluetti and not only to your appliances, or taken from inside the Bluetti and not only from your solar panels.
With a 1500 W output and 500 W input, you are spending 1500 W from two sources: 500 W from solar panels and 1000 W from the savings inside the Bluetti (usually called battery).
With a 700 W output and 1000 W input, you are spending 700 W out of 1000 W that your solar panels are earning and so you are saving 300 W into the Bluetti.

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