AC300/AC200P MAX vs. ECOFLOW Delta PRO

The information on this site and other information I have gathered has convinced me that the AC300 is the one for me. However, I just came across a new unit (future unit) called the ECOFLOW Delta PRO. It has (updated the info):

  • 3600 whr. battery,
  • 3600 inverter,
  • 3500 life cycle battery to 80% charge,
  • 1200 watt solar capacity, etc.
  • Battery expandibility (the “basic unit” includes a built-in battery like the AC200P MAX with additional batteries available).
  • Insanely short charging times
  • Main unit with battery - 98lbs; extra battery - 88lbs. each.

One initial starting price I saw was $2699 (basic unit plus its battery), and will be around $3500 (I believe) under regular production. Kirkstarter prices are often lower than the $2699 price. Don’t know what the individual extra batteries may cost.

Hobotech gave it a very favorable review.

Would appreciate any and all information anyone may have on ECOFLOW itself, on the Delta PRO in particular, and any comparisons between the two companies. Thanks so much!!!

Go to Youtube and look at Hobotech and his review of the Ecoflow Delta Pro.

You should be comparing the AC200Max + expansion battery capability (either B230 or B300) with the Delta Max + expansion battery, and the Delta Pro with the AC300 + B300. The Delta Max is NMC battery chemistry, whereas this is EF’s first foray into LFP with the Delta Pro. The Bluetti products are LFP with a few exceptions.

I would wait for the full reviews of each by Hobotech, though I’m not sure if he is doing the Delta Max. The AC300 review won’t be for awhile, probably closer to Sept., as he has a full plate as it is. He did brief overviews of the AC200Max and the Delta Pro with more detailed ones to come later.



Here’s the available info on both the AC200Max and the AC300 plus the B230 and B300 batteries.

Here’s the link to the Delta Max specs

If you want to learn more about EcoFlow and its products, I suggest you join their community website, if they have one, or their FB group.

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