AC300 AC output reading 0

G’day all,
I have had my AC300/B300 combo set up for a week now (finally got it, YAY!)
I have 6 devices plugged into a power board (router, modem, smart hub, camera base station, and a Hue lighting hub) and that power board is connected to one AC outlet on the AC300.
I can see in the Bluetti app that the devices are sucking power by the dot moving from the B300 to the AC outlet icons but the Watt meter just reads 0. It use 20% battery in 12 hours so I know it’s working.
Do I not have a setting turned on or tweaked somewhere? If I plug a larger device, such as an iron in, it shows 1200-ish watts. This happens for all 6 outlets.

What is the minimum wattage the AC300 will register on the app/AC300 screen?

Cheers in advance

Your Bluetti will consume power by being powered on. It will consume more power when the AC inverter is turned on as well even if you are not powering any devices. The larger the inverter, the more power it consumes while being turned on. The AC300 has a large inverter. Think of this like leaving your car running in your driveway overnight with a full tank of fuel and when you come out in the morning, the fuel gauge reads lower but the vehicle did not move.

@Scott-Benson thanks for the analogy, I’m a mechanic by trade so I understand. My question however, is why does the watt meter read zero when I have something plugged into one of the 120v outlets and switched on? Should it not tell me how much power is being consumed? It would be like driving the car mentioned above but the odometer not reading the miles traveled.


@Aussie_In_AZ Ive found that the meter wont show an output if the wattage is low draw. (such as the parasitic/overhead draws that Scott mentioned above) With such a large beast of a unit, I would recommend a smaller unit for your small devices/loads. (loads that are pulling less then say 50-60watts?) Congrats on your AC300/B300 setup tho man! I’m saving to get a larger home backup system like the one you’ve got! :metal: Those units are killer!

what specifically are you plugging in and operating on an AC outlet? I don’t personally have an AC300 but if I understand correctly, you need a minimum AC draw before the load will be displayed.

I bought the AC300 setup mainly for my RV but when not in use I have it in the house as a UPS. Running off it at the moment are all my cloud connected hubs (cable modem, wifi router, Hue Hub, Smartthings Hub, Security camera base station and a Google Home speaker).
I know that each does not pull a lot of power but combined I thought they would pull enough to register on the Bluetti touch screen.
As mentioned above, when I plug something in that uses more power, it registers fine. I was just wondering what the minimum draw from the AC outlets can be before it actually gives you a reading.
From a quick Google search, I have a draw of between 25 and 50 watts from devices being on standby or in use.
Again, I was just wondering what the minimum wattage draw that will will be registered on the screen. Just curious, I don’t think there is anything wrong with my AC300.


Dont know what the minimum draw actually is before being displayed as a load, but the easiest way is to plug in several low draw items unit you get a reading and add all the wattage loads from the individual pieces.

I did the test you mentioned with a watt meter and I do get readings above 60w.
Just in case you were interested, I contacted Bluetti about this and this was their response .

"Thank you for contacting us.

For the AC output port, if your device is less than 50w, it may not show the wattage on the screen. But this is not absolute. It is normal that the screen does not display the wattage between 50-100w"