AC300 2xB300: How far down do you discharge every 6 months?

Yesterday I AC charged the B300’s to 100% (they were at 65).
I am currently discharging them now for the first time since purchase in March. Manual says to do that every 6 months. Do I discharge to zero? Or will the AC300 shut itself down at the correct point and then I can connect the AC charging cable and charge them back to 100%?
Additional info a few hours later: the AC300 is at 5% so I shut off the space heater I was using pending the answer to my question. I found section 9.3 in the user manual say the following: To extend battery life, the power station set the “depth of discharge (DoD) 90%, which means that only 90% of the battery capacity can be discharged. 10% of the energy is reserved to avoid damage to the battery due to over-discharge.”

So, the app & the LCD display on the AC 300 say the batts are at 5%. The “Battery Pack” screen on the app says one batt is 6% and another 4%. I hope the 5% remaining power is actually 5% of the 90% DoD allowed in the programming of the BMS. Can anyone clarify and confirm from experience that the AC300 AUTOMATICALLY stops discharge when it reaches 10% remaining, thereby protecting the battery from over discharge AND, at that 10% point, the LCD screen will read 0%, meaning 0% of the allowed 90%.
Inquiring minds need to know.
Bluetti Newby

HI @kmackva ,

  1. Yes, discharge to 0% then charge to 100% and do not carry the device during charging. This will calibrate the SOC.
  2. DOD is already set before leaving the factory. No need to worry, you charge and discharge to 0% will not affect the machine.

Thank you very much!!