AC300 2 or 3 pole transfer switch

Found information online that states 2 pole transfer switches are ideal for floating neutral generators (AC300) while 3 pole transfer switches are ideal for bonded neutral generators.

If I have GFCI/AFCI breakers, is a 2 pole transfer switch still ideal or would I need the 3 pole transfer switch? Anybody?

Just wondering if I should get the Reliance TRC series (2 pole) or XR series (3 pole).

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You definitely need the XR (3-pole) series – the TRC series will not work when power switches from the inverter to the bypass. See the thread on the AC300 Transfer Switch (last 50 posts or so work through this).

Thank you. I’m not an electrician so I keep second guessing things and I’ve already blown up my AC300.

Thankfully, @BLUETTI is swapping me out for a new one. Took a lot of persistence to reach customer support but once I did they were very helpful.