AC300 025 & 026 errors

I bought a new inverter generator to charge my AC300s in split phase mode. I always get 025 and 026 errors. I have changed the charging current from 30 amp to 15 amp but still get the errors. I read that I need firmware DSP 4031.11 to fix the errors. I am on 4031.09. How can I get this update? It does not appear to be available through the app.

Hi @Fieldre , May I ask you to use the generator split phase to charge the machine is 240V input?
240V cannot charge. The input is available only at 120V in the US.
If you are using 120V, please provide us with the SN code of your machine (via private message) and we will have our engineers upgrade your machine individually.

I am using the split phase charging cord to charge my two AC300s. This requires 120v? The cord has the 4 prong 30 amp L14 30 R plug.

Hi @Fieldre , Yes, charging AC300 can only be 120V.