AC30 Welcomed To Texas

AC30 just arrived early this morning, a full day ahead of UPS’s estimated delivery date! My wife has named her “Sunny.” Been running tests since arrival. Will advise.


Mark, I’m highly courious if you can solar charge your AC30 and if so what panels are you using and do you have a way to see the voltage while charging. I received my AC30 tonight and is seems to only be able to charge in a very narrow voltage range from 13.34 VDC (5 watts) to 14.75 VDC at (143 watts). This 1.5 acceptable range is very narrow and if I go beyond the 14.75, the AC30 stops charging and will not reset unless the incoming cable is unplugged and the voltage lowered to less than 15. With the AC 30 incoming specs of 15 to 25 VDC this is strange. My biggest concern is for solar charging since different solar panels have differing volatages and it would seem like finding a needle in a haystack to match a panel that would work within this voltage range since the solar panel voltages change with amount of sun and load.

Please let me know your thoughts on the charging issue and what you have seen.

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I’m going to test charge mine with a Jackery solar panel tomorrow (weather permitting) - I will let you know what I find.


Can’t help you on this one as I don’t do solar. Strictly grid charging and use for emergency power outages, picnics, weekend outings, off-site events, etc. Don’t even own a panel. This one we bought as a gift for a relative. Though we’re going to hang on to it long enough to run it through the wringer. Think we’re going to get another for ourselves. My wife loves the color. Sorry.


Thanks for the feedback. I have been playing with mine all night and am doing a discharge capacity test right now at 150 watt load. Almost empty at 270 watt hours so far. The three problem areas are for me so far (if you don’t look at solar charging) are:

1- Slow charging. I was sure I could buy another charger on Amazon that would let me charge at 100 to 125 watts. I did, but the voltage restrictions do not allow me to use it. I think is is possible if a 14.5 to 14.75 VDC 100 to 150 watt charger can be found. I found a 90 Watt and will have it Friday to try.

2-The display is a little to basic for my tastes. I would like to have a least a meter showing incoming and outgoing watts as well as a battery percentage numeric display.

3- Cannot car charge due to too narrow a charging voltage requirment. This is a big deal for van dwellers etc. Esp. for a small unit like this.

Everything else seems to be a positive. I like the fan that runs only when needed temp wise, the size and weight as well as simplicity of operation.

We bought three of these to send to Venezuela for power outage relief and were counting on being able to charge at a higher rate than the std. 45 watt included charger when desired.


Agree on the slow AC charger. Let us know how the 90 watt one works out and if it has the correct size plug.

I love HER name and she’s so cute!!

I charged mine with my Jackery Solar Saga 100watt panel yesterday. The cable from the Jackery was the perfect connection type - no adapters needed. It charged 2 bars worth in about 1.5 hours in not perfect sun.

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I tried my 90 watt 14.5 VDC charger tonight. No good. The charging will begin and then after about 15 minutes the 90 watts slowly builds to 126 watts until the voltage goes higher than 14.75 and charging stops. At this point, I have no leads for a higher rate charger.