AC30 Solar Charging Cable Not Included with Purchase

The Bluetti AC30 does not include the cable necessary to charge the unit from a solar panel. This cable is an optional accessory. Bluetti, how does a customer who has purchased an AC30 obtain one of these cables that are necessary to charge their “solar generator” they just purchased?

It would be great for future purchasers to be able to choose that option on amazon. Basically buy the AC30 or the AC30 with the solar charging cable.


The cable shown def will not fit. Wrong gender on the AC30 side and wrong connector on the solar panel side. The std mc4 to 8mm male cable is available on the amazon site through several vendors. The Greely is my favorite for being flexible and not too thick. Some solar panels will come with a cable with connections already included to fit the AC30 so it is not a one size fits all solution


Here is a cable that should allow a solar panel with MC4 connections connect to the New AC30.

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I reached out to Bluetti after ordering an AC30, and they said the cable will be available soon on Amazon. Here is the link. I’ve got it in my wish list for now.


@Scott-Benson I just heard back from them and @SoulGen must have got the same response… appears @BLUETTI is out of stock of the AC30 charging cables temporarily but I just ordered the one you linked and will try that out when the AC30 arrives. Thank you for sharing. The 6ft length of that one would be nice as I’m not sure how long the one bluetti is offering will be.

I’m going to delete my previous posts/links as I don’t want to cause confusion for future viewers. Thanks again!

I sent them the link to the one Scott suggested and another one that was similar but had more barrel adapters. They didn’t suggest either one, so I’m not sure they would fit.

All the ones I suggested I know fit. I have them. One of them had one other adapter plug included that is not needed to work with the Bluetti 50 or 30

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You already got your AC30?

Not yet. I have to wait just like you. :grinning: I do know that the input jack for charging is the same as that on the AC50 which is a 7.9 mm female socket. This socket is the same as used on the Jackery products and I own a couple of those so I am familiar with that socket and have bought a few cables on Amazon that I know fit.

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Awesome news @Scott-Benson. I wasnt sure if it was that same plug as the AC50 or not. Thank you!

They appear to be backordered on most of their accessories. I can’t even get into my account anymore to see the status of my existing order. Very frustrating. I’m holding off buying anything else from maxoak until some of our questions and issues are addressed.