AC30 Power Station Review From The Lone Star State

We purchased the AC30 as soon as it became available based upon our experience with two other Maxoak Bluetti units we own that have performed perfectly for us. My wife picked the color yellow and has named it “Sunny” which is certainly appropriate not only for its color but for the fact that it can be charged from the sun with solar (if you have panels and cables) as well as from AC wall power. This is a great little power station, perfect for running a 12v fridge/freezer on weekend trips, charging phones and laptops/tablets, and even running 110v appliances up to 300 watts. It would also be handy for emergency power during grid outages. Tested it by putting a full 300 watt AC load on it and it performed perfectly without a hitch. Though we have much experience with larger and heavier power stations, we will be using this when a more portable unit is desired for powering smaller items. This would also make a great entry level unit for those wanting to get their feet wet in stored energy solutions. Super simple to use and many useful features. And an attractive design with a long-life Lithium Phosphate battery. Thumbs up!

Hello Sunny!

Delivering 300 watts with ease!

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