AC30 Keeping Me Toasty

Bluetti AC30 is keeping me nice and warm powering my 12v heated blanket. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! Which blanket are you using?

It will charge your electric toothbrush and kids cell phone in emergency blackout. All for ???$$$$
I would suggest buying one with not less that 1000 watt. I have a 500 Rockpals and it ran my minimal space heater for 50 minutes. How long would the AC30 run the space heater.
I know this is a beginner model but what good is it? Really think about it?

I love my AC200 but will only run my 500 watt space heater for my trailer Max 4 hours.

Pulls about 45 watts.


Does this SoGen have an AC and DC output indicator on the screen or no? Oh yeah and does it have a DC solar input indicator on the screen?

There are only basic symbols indicating input and output. There are no actual numbers that indicate actual wattage in or out. Some of the larger Bluetti models display more detailed information.

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The AC30 will run your 500 watt space heater for 0 minutes. The AC30 inverter is rated for 300 watts. Your 500 watt heater is greater than the 300 watt capacity of the AC30 and therefore it will not power the heater.

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It was for the dog warming blanket. Dog stayed warm for 48 minutes. AC 30 amp perfect for cell phones. Keep your teen happy!