AC2A is finally up for sale at BLUETTI EU

Shop today at the unbeatable early-bird price of only 229 €.
Use code 【AC2ASNS10】 to enjoy an exclusive 10 € discount, bringing the total to just 219 €. :fire:

🔌 300W Output

🔋 204Wh Capacity

⚡ 3000+ Life Cycles

🍃 Low Noise Operation

👐🏼 5-year warranty

Don’t miss out on the excitement – secure your BLUETTI AC2A now and experience the future of energy solutions.

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Impatient to get my hands on this one.
It’s probably noteworthy to fellow forum members that the Bluetti App, in its “forum” section offers AC2A as a prize, as part of its ongoing “Creative Spark Unlocked” event :blue_heart:
Again, lots of generous prizes there… :slight_smile:

It runs until mid Feb, check it out! The most insightful can even earn an AC60, while the best happy moment gets to win an EB3A+PV120 :slight_smile:

I wish i can click at it, but Bluetti App for Android is broken… cant click the banner

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just tried with my Wife’s phone. You have to tap repeatedly on the pic, in different places… it ended up registering the tap event and brought us to the event homepage.

@Selfmadestrom - confirmed, she just posted a pic from her android phone.

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