AC240P problem

Hello, my Bluetti AC240P is not displaying the load of the connected devices correctly; it overestimates the readings. What could be the problem?

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The reading is an estimate.

According to my measurements, there is a difference of 100-250w between the actual readings and those displayed on the screen and in the app. The question is whether this is just a display issue or if Bluetti actually perceives the load this way, which would mean the battery discharges faster than it should.

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The battery won’t discharge any faster but Bluetti may perceive the battery is a lower state of charge and it actually was hat. I would think there is a bug in the software of the app is showing 150 W difference versus what the machine is displaying

Is there updated software for these stations? Could you send it? @BLUETTI_CARE
IOT: v9041.06
ARM: v2161.01
DSP: v2095.04
BMS: v1063.03

Hi @chAek , The AC240P displays apparent power, not active power. This does not mean that the AC240P discharges faster. There is no need to upgrade the firmware.
However, if you feel your power station is discharging quickly, it may be due to an inaccurate SOC (State of Charge). Calibrating the battery can help restore its performance.
Please follow the steps below:

  1. Please discharge all the power (charge AC & DC appliances with the power station till it is out of power and turns off automatically);
  2. Please charge it again, please do not load any device when charging it, and do not interrupt it while in charge.
    Please feel free to contact us if you need more help.

@BLUETTI_CARE Can you explain what apparent power consists of? How does it differ from active power? Are the inverter conversion losses included in it? And how should I calculate the battery discharge time if I have a device that consumes 250W, but the station shows the load as 350W and calculates the remaining battery runtime based on 350W instead of 250W? I also have AC180P stations, and no overestimation of readings has been observed on them.

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@BLUETTI_CARE And if the station displays apparent power instead of active power, why is the designation W and not vA?

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Hi @chAek , The display strategies for the AC180P and AC240P differ. When you mention significant differences between them, could you please specify the power displayed when the same device is connected to both the AC240P and AC180P?
For the AC240P:
When the apparent power exceeds 50W, the LCD screen displays the apparent power.
When the apparent power is below 50W, the LCD screen displays the active power.
The AC180P: When the apparent power is more than 200W, the LCD screen will display the apparent power; When the apparent power is less than 200W, the LCD screen will display the active power.
Currently, our machines cannot display power in the unit of vA, but we believe this does not affect their usage.

Reactive power is a quality related to the load, and does not consume battery power.
This is a relationship between Apparent Power, Active Power, and Reactive Powe:
The square of the apparent power = the square of the active power + the square of the reactive power

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