AC240 Accessory Availability

The AC240 series has been released and available for sale. Are accessories such as the 30 amp DC output and other cables available for purchase unlike the AC200L situation?

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Hi Scott, sorry, after confirming, I found out that the optional accessory list for the AC240 does not include the 30A DC output cable you mentioned. Is there any other optional cable you need? I can inquire with the relevant department to see if it has arrived.

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I am confused. The specs for the AC240 show that it has an RV
12V / 30A, 360W Max. output with the machine. If a cable is not available for purchase, how is a customer able to use the output socket?

On page 10 of the AC240 operators manual there is clearly an accessory titled “RV Power Cable
(For RV’s 12V devices)” shown which you state above “the optional accessory list for the AC240 does not include the 30A DC output cable”.

Basically out of the 12 optional items shown in the manual, are any available for purchase that are unique to the AC240 and not simply carried over from other models that use the same accessory?

Sorry for the confusion.
If you are referring to the 30A DC output cable as the RV power cable, it is included in the optional accessory list.

After confirming with the sales colleagues, all optional cables (excluding accessory boxes) are currently in production. It is expected to arrive at the overseas warehouse in 1-2 months, at which time it can be shelved and shipped.

So even though the AC is released for sale, not a single accessory is available to purchase?

At present only B210 is available for sale in the AC240 optional list.

Not having accessories available for purchase with machines seems to be common. Are there any plans to solve this issue that repeats itself over and over without resolution? Customers want to buy accessories at the same time they purchase a machine and are most likely to do so during that initial purchase. You were hurting yourselves and your customers by not having the accessories available to purchase.

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We value your feedback and have already conveyed your opinions to our product development dept.
The AC240 series is focused on IP65 waterproof performance, so all related accessories need to have the same IP65 waterproof rating.
This is a regular upgrade iteration of our products. Hope to get your kind understanding.

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You still have provided no explanation on why accessories are not available when products are released.