AC200PL is turning off AC in UPS mode

I have investigated topics about “inverter overload” but have not found any one about cases with AC200PL

I bought new AC200PL а week ago
Have an TV, PS5 and some other small stuff connected to it running in UPS mode.
From the first day, I realised that station turning off power to the AC outlets without a reason. I have not seen any alerts as “inverter overload” yet, because it has been turning off when I was not near it.
Checked firmware - update DSP ver from 2130.07 to 2130.09
No result

My SN - AC200PL2402000252238
IoT - 9041.06
ARM - 2140.04
DSP - 2130.09

@stannis Possibly a longshot, but have you turned off ECO mode?

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no but I will try and wright back

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  1. What the SOC is when it is turned on again. Is it 0%?
  2. AC and DC should be turned on, and ECO should also be turned off, right?
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Thanks for your replies
Turned off ECO mode and it is ok now


@stannis Thank you for your update.