AC200P with Bluetti PV350

Dear all,
is it possible to charge the AC200P (not MAX) with one Bluetti PV350 Solar Panel and a D050S (Halloween Bundle)
What is the advantage of using the D050S with the PV350 whilst charging?
Also I have a PV200 Module but my understanding is that it’s not possible to combine 200 and 350 correct?
Thank you for your kind support.
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Hi @tommes , The D050S is used to make the machine’s PV input more powerful and charge faster. For example: AC200P Pure PV Charging: 700W + 500W = 1200W. This allows the AC200P to support up to 1200W of PV input.
So of course the D050S can be used with solar panels connected.
Your understanding is correct, limited to connecting the same model of solar panels, different models of panels can not be connected to use due to different internal circuitry.

Thank you for your quick response.
So, can the AC200P be charged with one single PV350?
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Yes, a single PV350 can be used to charge an AC200P connected to the Aviation input port. You can also connect a single PV350 to a D050S charge enhancer and connect the output of that to the charging brick input. There would be no advantage of doing the D050S with a single panel since it can be connected directly to the aviation input port without using a D050S charge enhancer.

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Thank you so much!
That‘s the information I was looking for.

I just re-read your original post and have another suggestion:

Connect your PV350 to the normal aviation input port
Connect your PV200 to your DO50S and connect the DO50S to the AC charging brick input.

This should allow you to connect both panels and maximize the wattage input.

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Many thanks for your recommendation.

Are you sure that the PV350 is compatible with the PV200+DO50S?

My understanding is that the PV200 and PV350 have different internal current (?) hence cannot be combined?

I just want to avoid any damages to the devices.

What do you think?

Many thanks.


the two solar panels would be plugged into two separate inputs not combining the solar panels together. This will give you two completely separate charging sources. 1-PV350 connected to the normal PV inputs 2-PV200 connected to the DO50S which in turn would connect to the AC charging brick input port.

Thank you so much for your explanation and the clarification.
That is really helpful.