AC200P with b230

Does any body have experience with this set up AC200P with b230 ,I have the AC200P I want to buy the extended batter pack but I would like to here some feed back from other people with the same set up, good or bad before I do, thanks.

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I purchased a b230 to pair with my OG AC200 and it’s on its way! :grimacing: Soooo excited to get the extra battery capacity and I went with the b230 because aesthetically it’s gonna look badass stacked up! Haha :metal:

Make sure when you purchase the B230, to also purchase the P090D to XT90 cable to get it to work with your AC200p!


The b230 manual says don’t stack this expansion battery but almost every youtube video I’ve seen and even bluetti marketing pictures show the sogen stacked on top or below.the expansion battery. @BLUETTI please advise is it oK to place AC200p on top of the b230? I was kinda planning on this so I surprised to see the statement not to stack.

@m.briney excellent and useful pic as usual but now how do you recharge the b230s and ac200p? T500 for b230? Ac200p AC adapter (no fan so gets toasty) for other b230?

Hi roxie60,

Good question! It is ok to stack the unit on the top or below of the expansion battery. But don’t clutter them with others, especially don’t block the heat emission hole.


T500 can recharge B230 and AC200P. Please read the user guide page 6 to 7.


@BLUETTI @m.briney Bluetti Support or anyone that has put their B230 thru its paces…does it auto shutoff the DC ports or the entire B230 after devices reach full charge (no longer charging) or after a period of time? My experience so far is I have to shut off the DC ports and the B230 manually. Not a complaint, just my brief experience so far and want to set my expectations correctly. I guess I was hoping there would b a type of auto shutdown if no DC draw but I can imagine in a real power outage there might b reason not to desire an auto shutoff. I’m just always looking to preserve power. TIA

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I have the older 411w AC adapter or what I affectionately call the hot brick. I was just inquiring about @m.briney nice charging configuration how he planned to recharge the b230s that were charging his AC200 …of course 2 T500s could b used to recharge the B230s. We have some creative people in this community.

I also noted the manual sets recharging expectations and priority based on which device is getting directly recharged. That is good info to know.

@BLUETTI anyone able to answer if b230 DC output will auto shutoff and the b230 power off

When the B230 connects with AC200P, you only turn off one of them. But I remember the B230 doesn’t have the auto-shutoff function. You can check by yourself. :grin:

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I resume the discussion to ask: I have an AC200P with mains charger with fan, the one found in the AC200P package, can I charge the B230 with the AC200P charger?

Yes. It will charge the b230

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thanks now everything is clear to me

Yes, you can use it to charge the B230

how many watts does the B230 battery consume while in use? eventually 2048 watts are not actually available for charging.

Have you tested that? I would assume that if the B230’s own regulated DC outputs are off and the only thing it is connected to is to the AC200/AC300 as an battery extension, the energy usage would be minimal as it is not in any regulated mode. If the B230’s own DC output is on, then it would consume more, but the only way to find out is through a watt hour meter.

no I did not test, I was asking

to have more autonomy, it is better to take a B300 or B230 battery to connect to the AC200P instead of taking another AC200PMAX, so as to avoid wasting energy that would be consumed only to keep the Max on?

Depends on what your use case is… the expandable batteries don’t feature an internal inverter so they are limited to DC output only.

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