AC200P will not charge above 63%

My AC200P will not charge beyond 63%. I have powered down and there are 6 pages of faults. This unit has only been used 4 days and is just barely over a month old. Calling technical support is useless.

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The 6 pages that you are calling faults are simply an index of all possible faults. They are not faults indicated in your machine.

What method are you using to charge to get to 63%? If using the AC power brick, what is the incoming voltage and wattage indicating on the display screen?

If using the AC power brick for charging, try car charging to see if the charging situation works. It will be slow at around 100 watt rate but should go up slowly. This will require “car” to be selected in the settings screen.

The display screens will tell a lot in terms of what is going on and if you want to include a couple of pics of the display screen when you are having an issue that would assist with troubleshooting. Also, as much detail about what is occurring will assist as well.

Hopefully the pics went through. I will have to try car charging later today

Hopefully the pics went through. I will have to try car charging later today. Incoming voltage is 55.9 volts and current is 0

Power drawn is 11 watts

Can you post a pic of the main display screen showing the % in the middle and then also a pic of the screen if you press the % portion right in the middle of the main screen? If car charging works normally then I would suspect a bad AC charging brick. The only things I am aware of that would slow charging to a crawl would be almost fully charged and environmental conditions such as too cold or too hot. Temps will also be shown on the various display screens. What are the environmental conditions you are trying to charge under.

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Charging was done at around 72 degrees. It was plugged in in my living room. Car charging takes the unit to 100% charge. I put a load on the unit and took it to 90%. Charged with the brick for about 2 hours and it only reach 98%. Went back to car charging and it reached 100%. Car was warmed up each time.

Car charging works
AC charging doesn’t
Solar charging - ??

If your input is set to the right mode, It is likely something is wrong with your AC charging power brick, contact Bluetti Service to see if they can send you a replacement

To be 99% sure, try charging with some solar panels (use PV mode). If they work, then it is almost certainty issue with power brick

Thanks snowstorm. Have not set up solar at this time. I agree, things are pointing to the brick as the issue.

Did not take pics of mode after pressing the % portion.

I am still a little confused your original issue was that charging was not functioning with the AC power brick to a level above 63% and 11 watts which this picture shows. You mention in a prior comment that you charged with the brick from 90% to 98% which is higher than 63%. Was the wattage also showing 11watts at that time?

I would agree that if charging from car works fine but the AC is not fully charging then I would think you need the charging brick replaced. There are issues with some AC200P charging bricks that will not fully charge and in those cases it is the last % or 2. I was not thinking of the brick since you had mentioned the 63% limit with 11 watts. I have not heard of another issue with those symptoms. In any case, contact bluetti service and give them the details and they should be able to send you a replacement charger.

When I initially made the post, my unit with the brick charging in my house would only indicate a 63% charge. I took the unit to my van per your suggestion and it initially charged to 100%. While in the van, I ran my microwave to drop the charge to 90%. I reconnected my brick and after 2 hours it would only reach 98%. I then reconnected to the van and it allowed it to reach 100%. I will try to contact Bluetti, but over the last 2 days it has been impossible.

Request to get your charging brick replaced.

Thanks, I appreciate the help

It’s worth a try to fully discharg the unit, then charge to 100% in one go from the AC adapter if you can. Sometimes the units need to be “calibrated” in this way to correctly display charge status. I had a similar case where the AC brick started only getting the unit to 87%. This cured it.

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I think your charger and battery are OK, it’s the percent display that’s a little wonky. Mine will charge to 98-99% sometimes (AC) and 100% other times. I’ve shut it off at 98% and then turned it on a few days later and it’s at 100%.

I will try discharging the unit and recharge to see if this will solve the problem. It seems that technical support is practically non-existent. I was finally able to get through to leave my second message. Not a good feeling for something I will be depending on on the road for week at a time. Thanks for the ideas!

Hi hbc054,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
If it still works abnormally, please feel free to contact our customer service at:

I have similar issue for charging my unit AC200P as well, It was full power to charge with 47xW until it reach 52%, then its start to drop down its Wattage to 77W, seem it power stay where at 5x%, it doesn’t charge above 52% of power