AC200P waterproof solar panels


I’m looking to purchase waterproof solar panels that can work with AC200P. Anyone have experience with third party solar panels that would work?


I like the renogy 100 or 200 watt hard panel folding suitcase models.


Here is the answer from Bluetti support:

you need to ensure the open circuit voltage (VOC) of single solar panel or solar panels in series is within the PV input voltage range of the AC200P (35-150V), or it will not charge or even damage the AC200P.

So when you purchase the waterproof solar panels on amazon, please check the VOC of the solar panel to see if it is within 35-150V.

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Looks like this will be a good fit

VOC is whitin Bluetti specs. Only needs to get MC4 extension cables.

All rigid panels are waterproof.
When shopping for panels pay attention to the Voc of each panel. You want the highest Voc you can get without exceeding the AC200 spec. Excess wattage and amps don’t matter. Voc is the MAIN spec, and of course Voc adds up if wired in series.
You’ll never get the rated wattage from panels. A 100W panel will give you 80W on a good day, so you may have to overpanel if you need more wattage. It took 18-100W panels to get 1500W for one of the inputs for my AC500. It worked out though because Amazon was selling 2 for $75 at the time (37 cents per watt). $675 for 1500W total.
Order panels through Amazon, not Renogy. Free shipping plus prices are sometimes higher on Renogy’s website.
Don’t bother with Bifacial panels unless you can mount them where the backside will get lots of light. My 550W Bifacial produces only 395W if mounted against a surface. You need to mount these on a pole off the ground.

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