AC200P using too much wattage to run itself

BMS code 31. After 100% charged in first 10 hours used 47% with no ac usage just the button left on after I checked to make sure it worked. Have 12v dc fridge that use 42w after starting every couple of hours. So where did the watts go. Live in a van and it gets down to 28 sometimes. That’s why I got this to run heater. Can’t run anything on AC. This unit uses close to 120w to run itself. It uses 31.5w on dc to run itself. By third day it was down to 32%. At midnight it was 32% and at 4am it was 2%. It charges fine but at night it goes crazy. I have shut it off but did build it up to 5%. What is wrong with this unit. By the way we got no trolly to carry it and the Bms code is dated Sept 11 2021.

Using the DC with no load consumes wattage for the regulatated DC power. Using the AC with no load consumes wattage having the inverter turned on. When you have both turned on with very little load, you are consuming more watts being powered up than by the loads you have connected.

If your AC does not output voltage then that is indeed a a problem that needs to be resolved.

You say you got the AC200P to run your heater but did not state how many watts your heater uses. If it is a normal household electric heater is will consume between 1400 to 1500 watts per hour and your battery would be dead in a little over an hour. Generating usefule heat is not feasible for any length of time due to the basic math of watts used divided by 1700 watt hours available. (less in the cold conditions you describe). What were your expectations on how long your heater would run and also how many watts does your heater consume.

I have a 250w heater and wanted to run it for an hour before bed and an hour in morning. Never hooked it up after I saw the first day results. Only used a 4w light to check to see if it ran. Poor. Really disappointed

Hi @accent9902,

Error code means AC overload. Have you run anything before the error code appeared? And how long did you run them? Cooler and heater are special, they often have huge surge power.

This code is dated Sept 11 2021. We just got this last week. When I hooked it up I turned on a 4w light to make sure it worked. Then I ran nothing I was mainly at work. Once I saw what it did I turned button off and have run nothing. This came thru Amazon and I believe it has been used before. There was no trolley either. My son gave this to me as a Xmas gift. But every product I have purchased from Bluetti has been great. This is a surprise. I understood it would not charge in cold weather but I did not understand it would not discharge either. I am going to have my son return it. I own nothing over 700w because I have been using the EB150. It has run everything but with less sun I was hoping to get the bigger size to run a 250w heater for a few hours a day.

Hi there,

We haven’t started to sell the trolley yet. And we never sell the used units to our customers. Please check and take a picture of the history of the error code on the setting.
AC200P’s working temperature is from 32°F to 104°F.

I will when I can get help from someone who will show me how to do it. I can take a picture but don’t have know how to send it.

First photo is fault code history. Next two photos are of the manual packing list. As you can see at the bottom the trolley is listed and a design of it.

From your messages it appears that you have not used your AC200 except to plug in a 4 watt light. I am confused on why you are disappointed. The AC200 is more than capable of running a 250 watt heater for a couple of hours a day.

“Once I saw what it did I turned button off and have run nothing”. The only issue you mentioned was an error code displayed from three months ago and the battery having run down because you say you left it “on” If you do not want the battery to run down, turn the unit off. As stated by Bluetti above, you have a working temp range of 32 to 104. The unit will operate in lower temps than you can charge in and this is true of any lithium ion batteries regardless of their application.

My problem is that it used all it’s wattage to run itself and because it was raining during this time and no sun it could not recharge. This wattage is from what I understand hidden wattage. If it uses 114w to run a 4w lamp then I can’t imagine trying to run a 250w heater. That would mean it’s using roughly 400w to run one item. At night no sun. No sun during the day In these kinds of conditions Idon’tsee the value. I have to be on top of my wattageand know what everything uses. My EB 150 can and does run what I have been using. again in conditions like this very little recharge so I thought with 2000w instead of 1000w things would run longer. That is my thought process. But the AC200 uses more wattage and therefore I can not get more time out of it. The 150 as more value to me. Off grid living is extreme temperature and conditions.
The trolley is listed in the packing list of the manual. I believe Hobotech talked about in his video. Page 3 of manual shows packing list of items to expect.

Thank you for providing the pages of the manual which clearly states in the two pics you provided “Options, not included buy separately from seller” and the Options column on the second pic you provided has a check mark in not only the Trolley but on 5 other options as well. All those items are options as stated.

With regards to using 114 watts to run a 4 watt lamp, that simply is not accurate as well. Here are the wattage draws for running the AC200P with no load:

Power on in standby mode with no AC or DC selected…6 watts
DC Selected with no load…11 watts…15 watts with the fan running
AC Selected with no load…15 watts…19 watts with the fan running

If you were using the AC to power a 4 watt bulb the consumption would be 19 watts with no fan
If you were using the DC to power a 4 wall bulb the consumption would be 15 watts with no fan

I would suggest you fully charge your AC200P and then use your 250 watt electric heater until your battery gets to 0 %. I would estimate you should see the 250 watt load to run for approx. 6 hours and 1/2 hours. This would need to be done with your battery in some type of warmer environment. Batteries (not just the AC200P) will not perform at full capacity when cold. Just because you choose to live in an environment that is not heated does not change the physics of that. I would also suggest using a Killawatt meter to more acurately measure electrical energy used. A larger inverter (AC200P) uses more electrical energy than a smaller inverter (EB150) just like a large engine (V8) uses more fuel than a smaller engine (4 cyl) to complete the same task but the larger unit / engine is also capable of performing at higher loads just like your vehicle. Imaging me being upset that my new Ford F150 uses more fuel than my Toyota Prius hauling a bag of feathers (4 watt light) across the country.

Thank you for this explanation. I did not see the check marks my mistake and I apologize. This all sounds good. I took a picture of the ac output. Noted that what I saw was volts not watts again my mistake. But it still doesn’t explain why my unit used 900w or 50% in ten hours with nothing being run. Nor does it explain how in a 4 hour period it used 30% approximately 600w. With just the DC on and a 42w 12v fridge… Because of the cold that fridge did not come on. If your wattage is correct then I should have only used 10% approximately. There is something missing in this that I am not seeing. I don’t mind turning on the AC just when I need it. I am recharging it at my son’s house and will try again. But my Bluetti’s have been great. Living my lifestyle is not necessarily a choice. But I work with what I have. Again you have been great about your explanation but my issue doesn’t make sense.

I keep reading your reply. First I want to thank you for valuable time and effort… You are asset to this community and I thank you… You have used cars in the past and it was a good explanation. But your use this time was not very nice and we both know why. But I digress. This unit must work in my environment and not in it’s. I will recharge it but it will stay in the van. If my electricity went out in my house while I was at work and the temperature dropped to below freezing and I had this for my backup it has to operate maybe for a few days. All these systems are made for emergency use. Therefore I am going to do everything in my power to use it. I believe my expectations were higher than they should have been. But that does not mean that I do not believe in Bluetti products. If my frustration and shock came out in my writing it was probably there but not meant to disparage Blueitti. I believe I am typical of many of the your buyers not geniuses but intelligent enough. So at 74 I work with what I have and if choosing the 200 was a mistake on my part because of my understanding then that’s on me. BUT don’t we want to know why?

The why could simply be due to the cold temperature. As much as we all want batteries to function at 100% efficiency in cold or hot extremes, that is just not the reality of the situation. You may very well have an AC200P that is not performing up to expectations. But…to know you need to perform a valid capacity test as I tried to suggest above. ("I would suggest you fully charge your AC200P and then use your 250 watt electric heater until your battery gets to 0 %. I would estimate you should see the 250 watt load to run for approx. 6 hours and 1/2 hours.).

Only then will you know if your unit is performing as intended. If you can charge the AC200P at your sons house can you attach your 250 watt heater to the fully charged AC200P (housed in a room temp. environment) and see how many hours of battery use you receive. This should give you a ball park understanding if the unit is performing as expected. I suspect that since your son bought this for you that he would be more than willing to assist.

If the AC200P is performing as expected in the above test, complete the exact same test in your normal cold conditions and determine if there is a difference or not. If your results in the colder operating environment are significantly less then you have your answer as to what the issue is.

After performing those two tests and you find that you are not receiving a resonable battery life then I am sure Bluetti will make it right. The main thing on the test is that the load needs to be substantial (hence the 250 watt heater) and constant. Using a Killawatt meter records all the outgoing electrical power for a more exact test, but the 250 watt heater and hrs. recorded will work fine. Not sure about your comment regarding us both knowing why. I used that as a basic analogy for understanding the primary principal. You stated yourself that you were having issues with understanding the watts vs volts which impacted your satisfaction with the product purchased. I merely tried to use an analogy that was understandable. Bottom line is the EB150/240 will run a smaller load at better overall efficiency the same way the Toyota Prius will haul a light load than the F150.

I will follow your instructions and let you know. Since we both work it might take a couple days. Will let you know.

Sorry to take so long. 1 - I discovered part of the Blueitti was touching metal in the van where there was no insulation o it made it colder. 2 - recharged and used for a week did better. 3- 300w parallel panels doesn’t charge much in bad weather Finally we did the test and yes it did just fine. 6 1/2 hours approx. It’s just a cumulative of different things that made it run poorly at first. So I need to add more solar and change things around. Thank you for your help.