AC200P turning itself on

My AC200P has turned itself on twice now. The first time was a few weeks ago and it did it again today (or last night). I have nothing connected and the unit is stored covered with a clear plastic dust cover (which is how I could see that it was on).

I had it topped off when I powered it down a while back and now the battery is down to 76%. This unit is intended primarily for emergency backup power, so having it randomly turn on and run itself down is not good. I keep the DC and AC outputs off when not in use, but the display still consumes some significant power.

I just enabled Eco mode so if this happens again it will hopefully power down after a few hours and not waste too much battery.

Anybody else see this?

Hasn’t happened to mine. Honestly, I’m not crazy about the switch. Seems I have to hit it dead center to turn on or off. But no phantom switching like yours. Very puzzling.

Try holding the off button for five full seconds to turn off.

That maybe is something to be concerned about especially if you need it in emergency situations and it may not be fully charged.
Maybe a shirt somewhere? I would reach out to their customer service and see if they have any input on the matter

I’ve got it charging now to top it off. I will try the five-second hold on the next power down.

I thought about contacting customer service, but I’m not sure what they would be able to do for me, unless there’s some “secret handshake” of button presses that will stop it from doing this.

I can’t speak for them and can’t tell you for certain, but may be defective and possibly a warranty issue. That’s the route that I would try. Their customer service is usually quite great

No secret handshake needed. To turn off the AC200 you need to do a “long press” which is 2 seconds or more or the unit will go into standby but not be off. I stated five seconds to be extra sure it is off. Attached is a link to the operators manual stating this and also a pics of the portion of the page showing the start up and shut down operation. The AC200 will also start up (Even if off) if incoming charging is detected.


Interesting, I had read through the manual pretty thoroughly when I got the AC200 but don’t recall seeing that part about the long vs. short press. I just finished topping it off with the AC adapter and then held in the power button for 5+ seconds to turn it off. I’ll watch to see if it turns back on by itself again.

Since I didn’t have any cables connected it shouldn’t have triggered the auto turn-on due to sensing charging power. But I wonder if that shunt could be flaky and sometimes falsely trigger a “charging power applied” signal.

Anyway, time will tell. If it keeps doing this I’ll contact Bluetti support.

Thanks for all the replies!

Update: It’s turned itself on again a couple more times in the last week. I’m going to email Bluetti support and see what they say.

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Just for fun, can you confirm on this last occurence where your unit turned itself on that:

1-You pressed the on / off button for a full five seconds
2-you do not have any incoming charging cables plugged into either the AC charging brick socket or the Aviation input socket

That is correct. I held in the button for a good five seconds or more, and I store the unit with no cables plugged in anywhere.

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Strange indeed. You don’t sleepwalk do you? :wink:

I don’t think so. Maybe it was my wife. :wink:

More seriously, my Bluetti was back on again this morning. I sent a message to customer support yesterday. Hopefully they will get back to me soon. I’m curious to hear what they have to say.

I wish these units had a physical on/off disconnect switch, like a rocker switch. I don’t like all the “soft” UI features that manufacturers are using these days - too many potential for issues due to firmware bugs. Having done firmware development for electronic products, I am quite aware of the potential for latent issues. I’m also a little surprised that Bluetti didn’t build in some way to update the firmware in the field.


Alright, my wife has been exonerated. :slight_smile:

We set up a video camera to record in loop mode and caught the Bluetti turning itself on. The video quality isn’t that great due to the camera angle and lighting, so we’re trying to catch it again.

I had contacted Bluetti support earlier in the week and their tech support staff said this shouldn’t be happening and the unit has no way to power on (aside from PV charging). Since I had absolutely no cables connected anywhere to the unit, clearly something strange is happening. Will follow up with Bluetti and send them video evidence.

Reviving an old topic with an update.

The Bluetti support staff seemed to think this behavior was impossible. Over the course of several weeks I managed to capture it happening a few more times. Just as I was about to send that to Bluetti support the behavior changed and the unit wouldn’t turn off at all! When you try to power off it would seem to turn off, but then come back on after a couple seconds. Didn’t matter how long you hold in the power button first. I got back to support with that and they offered to replace (exchange) or refund, so I am doing the exchange. Right now old unit is on route back to Bluetti and hopefully the replacement will not have any issues. (Pro tip: keep the original packaging until the warranty runs out - I’m glad I did!)

So far I’m satisfied with Bluetti service.


Good deal, thanks for reporting back.

Thanks for the update. I have seen no other issues for this problem other than yours. Interesting.

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Another update: I waited a week after the old unit was received by Bluetti and no update. So I emailed support again and they shipped the new unit the next day. The new unit arrived and so far is working fine. So Bluetti support came through.

Makes me wonder what they do with returned units. Maybe they should offer refurbished units (with an appropriate price discount).

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Glad to hear you got your replacement unit and all is well. Please check back in about a month and update us on how the unit is performing and if all is well. Thanks

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