AC200p stopped charging with solar

Hello all, We have owned an AC200P for 2 years connected to 2-200w Rich Solar solar panels. The system worked perfectly until 2 weeks ago. I noticed the display showed around 57volts and around watts of current draw. Not sure what’s happening. Checked wiring and cannot see anything obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

what is the incoming watts indicating?

@hbc0504 I’m sorry that I don’t understand your meaning. Do you mean 0 watts input with 57 volts?

that is true. the highest current reading I get is around 3 watts and the voltage reading is from 45 to 57 volts

@hbc0504 Could you please take a photo of the display voltage and current? Also, did you check if the PV mode is ON?

Here are pics of my system. Pv mode is definitely on. Everything worked fine until a few weeks ago with no change in settings. Charges fime with the ac charger

@hbc0504 The PV input current is 0A. There are two possible reasons:

  1. The solar panel was broken. You can test the solar panel with a millimeter to check if the solar panel works.
  2. The sunlight is not so good.