AC200P stopped AC output at 28% charge

[UPDATE: My mistake. The output was not stopped by the AC200P. It was just that my 4 refrigerators had all cycled off at that moment in time. Thank you to all who replied. I’m glad to know that the Bluetti community here is so responsive and helpful. I did another test with just 2 refrigerators and the AC200P powered them for 14 hours and I stopped the test at that point with 10% charge remaining.]

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I ran mine down to 6% and recharged with no problems.

I was able to go below 20 no issue. We’re you drawing a big load or did you have eco mode turned on?

Yes, I had ECO turned on. From what I read ECO just turns off the unit after 24 hours with no load.

Mine goes down to 0%, the 10% reserve is hidden. I typically get about 1600 watts of usable power which is right in line with the specs. 10% of the 2000 watts for reserve and about another 10% for AC or DC conversion.

Your AC200P will discharge down to 0 percent without issues. If your AC output stopped at a percentage of battery life less than 0% a few things may have occurred…

1- the inverter temperature got too warm due to a continued high load discharge

2-The machine temperature exceeded the limits to to high temp exposure .

3-You exceeded the AC inverter capacity and it went into overload.

Not sure if you are saying that yours actually stopped producing power at 28% or what circumstances you experienced or are asking about. In any case, if you experienced a shutdown of any kind, the code would be saved in the display to clearly explain the circumstances. If you can provide a little more information, a better answer can be given.

Might also be the SOC on the display is inaccurate giving a 28% reading when the BMS shut down at a lower level, and the display needs to be recalibrated. But inverter safety shut down for some reason would be my first guess. Check those fault codes. If that doesn’t get you anywhere and you want to try recalibrating:

Step 1: Using the AC brick with both the AC and DC outputs turned off, charge the AC200P up to 100%.
Step 2: Now disconnect and unplug the AC brick.
Step 3: Put a load on it by running some appliances non-stop until you’ve drained it down to 0% (hopefully it’ll get there).
Step 4: Remove all loads.
Step 5: Repeat Step 1 and charge it back up to 100%.

These steps should help calibrate the state-of-charge (SOC) accuracy on the display.

Thanks Mark, I apologize. I made a mistake in my original assumption that the AC output had stopped at 28%. I was powering 4 refrigerators and when I looked at the readout there was zero output but now I think it was simply a coincidence that all 4 appliances were cycled off at that moment in time. I tried another test and output was still going fine at 10% and I stopped the test at that point. So everything is fine. Thank you to everyone who replied.

No problem. We all often learn of new possible reasons for apparent defects that turn out to be well…just something we didn’t think of. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear your issue is resolved. Often times when a malfuntion is suspected, it is a simple issue to resolve and not an issue with the equipment. Good for all when it works out this way.