AC200P solar panels PV 200

hello, I just did a test with my AC200P with 2 PV200s in series, but it did not charge the power station (max 12/15 w), despite having followed the tutorial on youtube. Today there is no sun, so I was wondering if in the absence of the sun the panels do not load anything, thank you

Correct, when your “solar” panels have no sun or very little sun, no or very little charging will occur with your “solar” panels.

Seems about right. It charges a little bit (12-15w) which is kind of what would happen on a cloudy day. If the clouds are very thin, you may get 30-40w. Generally, if you can’t see a well defined shadow, you are going to get less than 25% of rated wattage.

Note that solar panels are typically marketed using an ideal standard condition with 1000w/sq meter of sun and 25C panel junction temp. Problem here is that at 1000w/sq m of sun, your panels will heat up to maybe 50C, making less power than 25C. So 100% voltage can only happen with tropical sun at arctic temp. The other rating is normal module operating condition which specs 800w / sq m of sun at 20C with a very slight 1M/a breeze. Typically that is around 75% of max. So, expect a 200w rated panel to supply around 150W on a good day, not 200W.

Thanks for the answers, I can’t wait to test my equipment, the 3 Bluetti PV200 panel is also coming these days, I also have a DC CHARGING ENHANCER (D050S) available, it’s my first solar equipment, there I’ll let you know how it goes, see you soon from Italy

another question: in the absence of sun with 3 PV200 + DO50S- DC panels
Charging Enhancer I would be able to get the 500 watts from the DO50S-DC
Charging Enhancer so as to recharge AC200P? thank you

No, in the absence of sun, the solar panels won’t produce any power. They must have lots of sun to work.

You may not actually need to use the DC enhancer. If you have 3xPV200, you should be able to connect them all in series and them into the AC200P. The AC200P can accept up to 150V, the PV200 are max 26V, so you can just connect 3 in series. No need for anything else.

thanks for the reply, the DO50S-DC Charging Enhancer should still add the 500 watts you have 3 pv200 when it’s sunny, I also bought the DO50S-DC Charging Enhancer to get the maximum, when the sun is not strong

I though you can already get a theoretical max 600w ( in practice maybe more like 450w) when sunny with just the 3 PV200 in series without the DC enhancer. The AC200P can accept up to 150V of solar input, max 700w.

The DC enhancer won’t be necessary in that case right?

in the case described by you, the DC charger will not be needed, but I could recharge the solar power of 700 W + 500 W AC, or use the DC enhancer when there is little sun, I think I understand this.

You will get 500W with the AC port and charger brick under all situation. Solar can get you up to 700W when there is sun using the PV port.

How does the DC enhancer help? Just want to know as I don’t have the DC enhancer.

the DC booster would help if the sun is not at maximum, it also helps when you recharge from an external battery or other sources, there are videos on youtube describing these scenarios. I can’t test yet because I’m waiting for the 3 PV200 and the B230 that is about to arrive

The DC booster will not provide any additional electrical charge input in less than ideal sun conditions. The DC booster converts a lower voltage to a higher voltage (58.5) but does not increase the amount of power input. When you have poor sun conditions, the voltage remains high from the solar panels, but the wattage (amount) is what is low. If you put a low amount of wattage into the DC enhancer you will receive a low amount of output, hence no improvement. What the DC enhancer does is allow you additional options on charging sources and connection methods.

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I thought that the DC added 500watt in input, it is also recommended using B230 connected to AC200P, in all cases we are talking about an extra 500watt that would bring using DC

In can if connected to a high voltage source of power. It does not create 500 watts of power from less than 500 watts of input. You must have sufficienct high voltage input to get close to the 500 watts of output. It can add a second source of input to an AC200 by connecting it to the AC charger input since the DC enhancer has an output voltage of around 58.5 volts. If you connect 12 volts to the input you are only going to see around 100 watts of output. If you connecte 48 volts on the input side you will see 400 plut watts of output.

You pic above is stating that you can add extra solar panels connected to the dc enhancer and be able to connect them to the AC charger input on the AC200. But…you still have to have over 500 watts of available solar input to be able to see close to that output. It cannot make more power than is available to input.

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thanks now everything is clear to me

test with clear sky with 3 PV200 in series I attach photos:

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