AC200p SOC calculations

I’ve got an ac200p - it has 2000w on front. I’m currently in the process of returning it but wanted to do some tests first.

How do you turn on the cell voltage viewing behaviour? I’ve tried the directions - clicking the top left of on the bms screen. Nothing. Is it possible this firmware does not support it?

At 100% (on the display) I’m showing ~53 volts on the battery. At 0% I’m showing ~52. However it calculates that is wrong. Shunt. BMS. Something else?

  1. Can I upgrade the BMS?
  2. Is there something magical I need to do to see the cell voltages.

Hi @kazbach

1.) You can upgrade the BMS if your Unit support the Bluetti App

2.) You need to set you language to english and you need to tab “data” on the left side, and in the menu where you see the overall voltage you tab 5 times in the upper left corner. That should display you the cell voltages.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks Erik.

  1. Apparently the ac200 does not support Bluetooth.
  2. No luck getting that to work. Upper left. 5 - 50 times - I feel like an idiot :slight_smile: . Language is English. Nothing.

I may get a pic to make sure I’m in the right spot.

Cheers, Kaz

Hi @kazbach

i did a video for you. Hope it does help you. Its captured on AC300, but should the same for your unit.

That was very nice of you.

Mine (was) is definitely different. I clicked in the place you did and 1) no beep 2) no individual battery voltage screen.

I sent mine back - maybe when I get it again it will be different :P

Much appreciate it.