AC200P Slow Charging on AC

Greetings everyone,

I have an AC200P that does not seem to want to charge at any reasonable speed. Plugged into the T400 AC Adapter the LCD display shows it taking in 40 to 60 watts (varies), which is barely above our “base” load of connected equipment, and consequently the battery never charges. It is currently at 25%

This same charger on an AC200MAX delivers 400+ watts and charges that station in a reasonable time. It formerly delivered that power to the 200P.

I have restarted the 200P multiple times, dis(re)connected the load, charged with no load, charged with load, no matter what I do it will not take in the full charging current for the 200P.

Am I looking at a dead 200P or is there something else to be done troubleshooting wise?

I’m wondering if this is only a problem with the DC7909 input. You could make an adapter to go from the DC7909 on the T400 to the solar (avionic’s connector) input. If you are able to charge at ~400+ watts then I would say there is a problem with the DC7909 input.

Try completely discharging to 0% followed by an immediate recharge and see if the charge rate increases to normal.

Adding new data points, I thought this was a fluke, the device charged at ~450 watts over the user’s lunch break, then again at end of day, except…

… we came in this morning and after being plugged in overnight it was only at 48%. The user did not get a picture of the display prior to unplugging, so I assume but cannot confirm that it was back to charging at a glacial pace.

We will try the total discharge to 0% and see what happens. Stay tuned…

The draw down to 0% seems to have resolved the issue, still humming along two weeks later w/o a re-occurrence.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. :slight_smile: