AC200p shutting ac output off?

Help, I’ve been setting up my overlanding rig for the last year. My truck is set up so that I can charge the Ac200 from shoreline power, or PV if I,m off road with no power. Ok- during 2 test runs using my camper in my drive way with DC output running iceco frig and AC output running the rest of electrical needs the AC200 has kicked the AC output off in the middle of night when theres not much power draw. Tonight it got down in the 40’s and I went to turn on the heater( no power). Climbed out of the tent at midnight to reset ac output and it was fine the rest off the night. Mind you the truck was plugged in to shoreline power. With my setup I can bypass the ac200 for 110 but dosen’t seem like I should have to. And in the morning when I leave the camp site I would be topped off for the next days drive. Any thoughts why its kicking off, Thanks Tony

@Quitter is “Eco Mode” turned on?

The AC200 Eco Mode will automatically power down the unit when the output is lower then 50w for 4 hours.

@Quitter this post also explains eco mode a little better. Hope this helps!!

Thank you so much. I’ll check that out and give it another trial run

bingo ECO mode, that was probably it. Thanks again

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Excellent! Glad ya hit it all figured out @Quitter !!

Thank you for this!

Was wondering why I was waking up to a dead Dometic cooler.