AC200P Shipping Details - Accurate?


I received and email and see on your website that my order was ‘fulfilled.’ Shipping information via the ‘Shop’ app indicates UPS has not received the package yet, but the note just above, with a UPS logo, says ‘Arrives Tomorrow.’ I’ve read several folks who ordered the AC200 indicate that their units arrived with similar tracking messages. I have appointments tomorrow and need to know if I should cancel them to be home for the delivery. Can you let me know which of these messages, which seem to be contradictory, is correct? Thanks.

Hey @mlbraden, I’d recommend shooting over an email to and they should be able to give you more precise info regarding shipping details. Sometime those apps and tracking sites give wonky info. :metal:

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Thanks m.briney . . . I had just hit ‘send’ on my email to Bluetti support when notification of your message came in!

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Track the package via the freight carrier’s app (in this case it looks like UPS) and that wil give you the latest info on shipping and arrival time frame. Ususally the shipping labels are printed well in advance of actual product shipment and movement to the final destination. When you see the product has been picked up and is in transit, the ETA will be fairly accurate.

Excellent. thank you!

I received a message the “label was created” on December 4th. I kept tracking it and the same message came up until the 14th when the message changed to - Scanned and then Departed from facility. As Scott mentioned, checking with the actual carrier is your best bet.

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Thanks MitchC . . . Personal experience is what I was hoping to hear. I just got a status update on the UPS site, indicating delivery will be Friday.

Yipee!!! Merry Christmas.

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Well gee, that’s earlier than mine which is scheduled to arrive on Monday! I’m in the middle of the Nor’easter now so I’m hoping my power stays on!

Glad you will be receiving yours soon, use it well!

I just ordered mine 12/21 from Amazon. Amazon says delivery 1/5-1/8. Anyone one know if those delivery estimates is accurate? I realize there have been general delivery issues but I don’t have any confirmation from Bluetti, just the Amazon order confirmation and invoice. Just curious if these delivery estimates are close to accurate. Thx

Awesome just got notified from Amazon that my AC200P shipped 12/22 via UPS. Still a 1/5-1/8 delivery date. Being better positioned to handle power outages has been on my list a long time. That too is almost ready to be checked off.

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@roxie60 I ordered mine a day later than yours on Amazon. It says shipped on Monday but when I checked today on the UPS website it says label created. Can you respond back to this thread when yours actually is picked up and moving, please?

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Just got notification my order arrived at carrier facility in CA @ 9:30p.

Did you @MikeW get your status update?

Update: 2 hours later UPS tracking indicates order in transit fr CA, expected delivery Monday 01/04/21. So basically 14 days from day of order to estimated delivery. Those 14 days also include two holidays.

Maxoak is rockin the delivery expectations. Hope with the holidays and the storms the trucking goes safely for all involved.

Trying to get prepared for it in about 11 days. Hope I’ll be able to lift it on to dolly/trolley.


Thank you for the update, I just checked this morning and it looks like mine has also started moving.

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Good to hear.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Well my AC200 been sitting at local UPS since 12/31 5am. We got hit with ice storm 1/1/21. Grateful to God my power stayed on but have much to do yet to be in position to handle power outage. For some it was over 24hrs.