AC200P setting off LP Gas Alarm in RV?

I recently went camping over the long weekend. My AC200P powers my 24 foot motor home, it was in my transit connect camper previously. Currently it sits directly in front of my LP gas detector. Twice over the weekend the alarm went off for no reason. It is 20 years old so i suspect it could be going bad. LP detectors can sense a lot of other gasses too. I would know because I spilled 91% isopropyl alcohol near it and it went off for an hour.

I’m wondering if the lithium is giving off any gasses when it’s hot. I didn’t notice this from my last trip which was a month long but it happened twice in 4 days but was significantly hotter and more humid.


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Easy way to trouble shoot would be to use the AC200P in another area and see if the alarm still goes off. If not, return the AC200P to the original location and if the alarm returns, it is likely that the AC200P operation is triggering the alarm.

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I’m currently plugged into shore power and it has not went off. I’m also replacing the alarm as well.

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@Wex The lithium will not give off any gasses when it’s hot.

@Wex Yea I would doubt that the ac200p would be triggering the alarm. These lifepo4 cells are pretty safe and I would suspect you would DEF know if there was something going on with the ac200p if it was faulty and releasing some sort of gas. haha Might just need a new battery for your alarm?