AC200P Run Time

I just set up our new AC200P. It started up great, charged fast, no problems. Seems like a great unit.

I set it this morning to run our small fridge and small freezer in the basement. Starting at 100% charge at 7:30 AM it was down to 66% at noon. I am not getting technical with numbers yet - but we had a Lion Safari ME with expansion battery, and it would run both for 24 hours. I know we are comparing 2000 watt hours to 3000 watt hours available, but this seems to be running down a lot faster.

I have it on Eco mode. Is this typical, or any thoughts for a new user?

Hi there,

Could you please tell me what are the power of your small fridge and small freezer?
Or you can check by the following formula.
2000Wh × DOD × η ÷ (load W) = charging time(unit:h)
Note:DOD is the battery discharge depth,η is the local inverter efficiency,

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One more thought…were the fridge and freezer cooled down at the beginning or were they starting warm? Initial cooling off will consume a greater amount of power as will not having much inside the fridge and freezer. The best efficiency you will see is with pre cooled units full of cooled items. This allows the compressors to run less than if you had the opposite.

The AC200P should give you around 1700 usable watt hours. Your actual run time in hours will be around 1700 - watts used on the fridge and freezer - amount of watts used to keep the AC200 powered up (uses this power even when no load is present). The watts used to keep the AC200 on is about 25 watts even when producing no AC voltage.

The Eco mode is a feature that turns off the AC power after several hours of low watt usage to avoid battery drain if accidently left on with no load. Eco mode is not applicable in your use scenario with the fridge and freezer.

For your case, make sure the “DC” power is turned off, the “AC” is turned on and the ECO mode will have no effect.