AC200P revisions

As I just received my AC200P I wanted to know how new (as a revision) my unit is. Looking at some of the issues, I think it’s good to have a kind of change history of the different revisions of SW and HW and try to link the features/issues with respective revisions. Pity that one can not reflash the device with new firmware, but it may be useful nonetheless.

Mine’s versions are:
DSP: 8005.08
ARM: 8006.07
BMS: 1106.06
HMI: 6002.06

All those are different from my April delivered AC200P. I don’t know what HMI is but wonder why your version went down instead of up like the others.

Mine are:
DSP 8001.10
ARM 8002.06
BMS 1106.05
HMI 7003.05

I assume it is the graphical interface (Human-Machine Interface). It is really strange. They may have rolled it back due to some reason? But I know that the earlier versions of the software were reporting a lot of diagnostic details, and the later just removed it. And mine shows virtually nothing.

My AC200p purchased a week ago:
DSP: 8005.08
ARM: 8006.07
BMS: 1106.06
HMI: 6002.06

The power supply was manufactured 04/2021

My original AC200P received last December (2020) showed this:
DSP: 8001.08
ARM: 8002.05
BMS: 1106.04
HMI: 7003.02

The new replacement unit (received around the beginning of October 2021) shows this:
DSP: 8001.10
ARM: 8002.06
BMS: 1106.05
HMI: 7003.03

It boggles my mind that there is apparently no way for owners to update firmware in the field. Even my TV can do that from a USB stick.

***This is not A DJI MAVIC



that’s why I love EB240


On / off

I dont need it to last forever
I don’t care about software

Give me red or green
That’s all I need***

Having revision history with associated issues or features, gives some predictability to the owners of the AC200P on what to rely and what to consider. We shouldn’t forget, that many consider solar generators as a back-up solution for crisis situations, so to know on what to count (or not) is crucial.
And it is just a self-illusion that a device like EB240 is “just a battery” - the charging controller, BMS, inverter - everything is smart and everything has software (you may call it firmware, it’s still the same) in it. That the HMI is more simple in those models doesn’t make them SW-free.


I purchased a factory refurbished AC200P in late May 2023.

DSP 8001.10
ARM 8002.06
BMS 1106.04
HMI 7003.02