AC200P Power Draining quickly

I have an AC200P. Everything is working well, although I just wanted to confirm one item. It’s draining down to 85% from 100% overnight with no load. The unit is turned on, but the AC and DC outputs are off and there is nothing drawing power from the unit.

Is this normal operation, or is there are setting that I am missing?

The missing thing is that when you leave any electronic device on, it consumes power. Turn the unit off by pressing the power button for five seconds and it will power down and stop consuming stored electrical power. I would also run through a couple of full 100% to 0% charge cycles as well if you have not already done that.



Thank you for the quick response. Your point makes perfect sense. It was just that a 15% loss overnight, with just the unit on, seemed a bit high. Other than that the unit has been great.

I’ve run it through one 100% - 0%, so I’ll do a couple more. Thanks again for the feedback.

I’ve found the percentage meter to be somewhat erratic. Turned it on a couple hours ago and it read 98%, its now reading 100%. When testing actual watts consumed it will sometimes be off up to 10% especially when the battery gets down to 25% or lower. Fortunately the battery actually has more watts left than what the %meter is telling me which is good!

Hi Scott, I recently purchased a AC200P and have been reading thru some of the post. Your post on Jun 21to a question indicates to “run through a couple of full 100% to 0% charge cycles” That seems to be in conflict with the manual which states “reserve 10% of the energy to avoid damage to the battery due to over discharge” Would appreciate a clarification. I’m sure this question has been asked before, if so, sorry for the repeat Thanks

The Battery mgt system in the Bluetti does not allow the battery to be discharged all the way to zero. Basically 0% on the display screen is not actually 0 percent. It is 0 percent of the programmed capacity. I run my personal AC 200s to zero at times with no issue. I also keep them charged at 100% for emergency use. You will see posts about how the world will end if you dont keep the state of charge between 80 and 20% but that is not needed for normal back up use. If you charge and discharge daily, then yes 20 to 80 percent cycles would be best.


Thanks Scott for the good information and the prompt response