AC200P Power connections not working

I’ve been using my AC200P for the past 3 months and it has suddenly stopped working. It turns on and the display will light up and it does recharge. However, power connections do not work, it’s not powering anything. The only thing that’s been connected the past month has been the small fridge powered by DC. Here’s the latest error messages…

I’m not seeing any error messages indicated. The screen pictured is page 6 of an error code index. Do you have any items on any of the six pages lit up indicating an error code?

Are you stating both AC and DC have no output from any of the sockets?

There are many screens that would be helpful to see including the AC inverter screen, the DC output screen etc.

Have you pressed the on off button for five full seconds and then restart?

Alright, it’s working again (5 seconds seems to be the trick).

Mystery still lingers. The unit was charged to 48% last night. Nothing was connected but the power was on, the display was lit. This morning it’s showing 28%. What used 20% of the power overnight?

Were the AC and/or DC outputs turned on overnight? They both use power when on even with nothing connected. Also just having the unit on uses some power even without AC or DC turned on.

Nope, both AC & DC were turned off. Nothing was plugged in, not even the solar panels. No reason to lose 20% power.

That does seem high for just overnight. Have you looked at the battery usage by tapping on the % icon in the center. It will tell you the Volts and amps that you can determine watts by multiplying them.
The only other thing that I can think of is if it was in a relatively warm environment, it could have been running the fan(s) a little more than usual and those would consume a little extra watts.
I don’t have the AC200P model but my 2 AC200s “seem” to have non linear charge percentage… Seems with a fixed load it will not change percentage the same in all parts of the range from 100 down to 0. I haven’t done any specific testing to try to quantify if it really is doing that. Just kind of casual observation when I check the display while in use.

Ahhh yes, that might be it. I’m staying in a hut here in a ghost town in BC Canada… started using the wood stove. Tight quarters here and the unit is getting very warm at night. So yes, this could be the problem.

Thanks for your help.

My little ac30 has gremlins. Sometimes the power just fades away for no reason. I only use it for charging phones or iPad usually up front so no big deal. These are electronic high tech toys. It seems based on posts they are EXTREMELY reliable
That’s why there is an industry leading warranty and a level of communication in groups like this that is not on other manufacturers
No one is happy if something stops working but unless you are direct powering a pacemaker not a big deal

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@EZfpv Hi there, sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact our customer service at: or if your unit have any problems. We will reply in 24 hours. And thank you for your support.:heart::heart:

If you have battery capacity one time and then turn the unit on again after having been off for some time and see the battery is almost dead, the most likely cause is not turning the AC30 completely off. If you are not doing a long press (a second or two) all that is happening is the unit is in standby and still consuming a small amount of battery power which will eventually lead to a dead battery. Make absolutely sure the AC30 is off and not in standby.