Ac200p output power (w) displaying "0"

I just got my new AC200P and tried discharging it for the first time but the output power only displays “0”. any suggestions on how to fix this please?

What load did you plug in? The wattage display may not register if the load is too small.

Did you turn on the output button for either the AC or DC device you were attempting to power? What specifically were you trying and how did you plug it in?

thanks man. i tried using a device that requires higher input power around 150watts, then the display on the AC output power displays same… :slightly_smiling_face:

initially i just used a device with low input power requirement (around 5watts) and plugged it into ac output but the ac output display just kept on showing “0”. When I tried a higher device that requires input power 150watts the ac output display started showing correct values

Yeah I think they only start to display above a certain threshold.

We just got ours and the same thing.

However, I received the following info here when I asked the same question: No the AC200P does not require 100 watts or greater to indicate AC load being used.

On my EB70 I noticed that it will display as low as 1 watt. The AC200P seems to have about a 65-70 watt threshold before it will display any load.

I am going to talk to support about it.

Mine is pretty much opposite, it always reads way higher than the actual load. As an example in this photo a 14 watt load is reading 96 watts. Almost all the data on my AC200P’s display is suspect so I ignore it and rely on external watt meters.

14 vs 96 is a huge diff. One of the figure is wrong or they are measuring different things. What have you plugged in? Do you know objectively what load it should be consuming?

It was a house circuit with everything off except for some wall warts and smoke detectors. I verified the external watt meter with my EB70 which was within a watt or two. I’ve seen my AC200’s display being off by hundreds of watts before (both input and output) but sometimes its within tens of watts so its pretty erratic.

A good example of why efficiency cannot be tested or measured by using the main display state of charge percentage vs time. It is possible as well that the Baldr meter is not reading correctly as well.

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Thought of that and compared it to 2 other brands of meters I have, all read within one watt of each other. It’s the AC200P that’s misbehaving.

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My AC200 AC output display usually reads about 20 watts higher than a Kilawatt meter connected to the AC socket. I always assumed that the AC200 display wattage was including the power required to produce the AC current but in your case the difference is much wider. I have also noticed on some other sogens that the difference displayed will depend on the type of device being powered as well. Don’t understand why that would matter, but I have seen it.