AC200P or Max vs. EB240 for efficiency?

Very happy with the AC200P, but it does noticeably burn power running itself. Really considering the 200 MAX or AC300 - but the EB240 is intriguing. Good battery size - and I’m wondering if it uses much less energy to run itself, with the smaller inverter and not all the bells and whistles?

The AC300 are just arriving, hopefully someone will post info on self consumption soon. I would expect the EB240 to use less idle power, but one would have to test. A weak spot for the AC200 series has been relatively high self consumption, though most inverter when on would burn about 1% of its rated power. The AC200 seems to require a bit more though.

Its very interesting to me if I leave it off and in room temperature when I turn it on the current is 100% and HAS NOT decreased… My others do. Nice

Frankly, if you know you have uses for something that won’t need more than 1000 watts, EB240 would be awesome. It definitely has less parasitic drain than the AC200/300 series – not only because it has a smaller inverter, but it also has a simple display that doesn’t need a lot of power itself.

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I have AC200max. From personal experience and from reading about other people’s experiences, I can tell you that the AC300 and this has same efficiency problem with both the DC and AC circuits. They just aren’t well designed to be the primary power source unless for short periods of time. If RV’ing or boating or cabining, it would be a huge mistake to try to live off of this vs setting up more efficient high quality component systems. I recharge other portable batteries and main house batteries with the AC200max and then quickly turn it off. I am very disappointed in Bluetti regarding this, but it works for me as a backup. There is just no good excuse for how inefficient this battery is and even less excuse for how terrible the output monitoring is. Taking these two issues in combination, it does make me wonder whether the latter might be intentional.

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I don’t have an AC300 yet as they don’t sell to Canada so far, but do have a Bluetti EB70, Goal Zero Yeti400 and Jackery 1500. None of those 3 device experience significant draw when AC or DC is off. The Jackery has the largest inverter and does draw 15W when the inverter is on, but not noticeable draw with DC on. The Yeti has the most accurate power monitoring in my opinion as it seems to measure what is drawn from the battery so all the inefficiency is visible, when AC is on, it draws 3W (it only has a 300w inverter). My EB70 has the highest measure capacity to rated, at around 83%, very happy with it so far.

I hope to get the AC300/B300 when it ships to Canada, but a little spooked on how much power it seems to draw when doing nothing.