AC200p only charging at 3-6w

Hi, I have an ac200p. I wanted to charge it using 2 of these panels. I went with them because I had some rather specific size requirements and these were basically the only ones that were even close. At first I didn’t realize you need 35v to charge an ac200p, so I ordered the second one. I have them wired in series I think it’s called. I’m getting 38-40v at the panel connections using a multi meter. I have the ac200p set to pv charging in the settings. The system is reading 32-34v on the input, but only .1-.2 amps and a pathetic 3-6w.

Truthfully, I had a hard time believing those panels would give me 100w, but for my application that’s ok. But 3-6w seems entirely unacceptable. The issue is I’m not sure how I can test if it’s the panels, I’ve got plenty of sunlight and their voltage is great. Is there a setting I’m missing on the ac200p? I’m using the included adapters. Has anyone used this brand of panels? My return window on the ac200p is closing, so I don’t really have time to keep messing around if my unit is defective.

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I would start by making sure that you have the unit set to PV/Solar charging in the settings menu and that its not on car charging mode.

Also… do you have a link to the panels you are using?

Yes, sorry, forgot to post it. And I have the setting for pv enabled.

Alrska 100 Watt Flexible Solar…

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If you watch the reviews on amazon there are some customers that complain about a massive drop in performance after a few month. Maybe your panels are defective?

How do you connect the two panels? In series or parallel?
How much percent does the battery have?
Is it always the same performance regarding the battery percentage?
Maybe you can verify the performance with another powerstation?


You need 35v into the AC200P so anything less will give you the very low watts and amps you have noted. The 38-40v you measured at the panels is an open circuit voltage, it will drop when connected to your device. There will also be some voltage loss through the connecting wires depending on their size and length.

On my AC200P I’ve found I need a minimum of two 200w panels to keep the voltage above 35. My panels have an open circuit voltage of 24 and a working voltage of 20v each.

To me it sounds like you need one more of your panels in series to keep your working voltage above 35.