Ac200p on its side

Is it safe to turn it on its side briefly to remove from box

You should be able to put the AC200P which uses LiFePO4 (type of Li-Ion) batteries in almost any orientation as long as the vents are not blocked.

You may have heard that batteries have to be kept upright, that is due to some common lead acid batteries having liquid electrolyte that can spill. This isn’t true for Li-Ions or even some better lead acid such as gel cells or AGM.


Thank you for straightening me out!!

Yes, there is no problem with putting the unit on its side for unboxing. The only reservation I “personally” have is that I would keep all the units in the upright position when mounting in a moving vehicle that is subject to vibrations, jolts and such. The reason being is not for the sake of the battery, but rather the mounting points that hold the battery to the case. They are designed to function effectively in an upright orientation and I would not want to risk my hard earned dollars having any internal mounting points or hardware breaking due to bumps on the road. If the heavy battery were to break loose, there could be serious damage to the internals of the unit.


So much great info. Thanks a million!

Good point. If you are just mounting it in a stationary position, any orientation is likely fine as long as the vents are not blocked. But if it is moving and shaking, then uptight is going to be safest.