AC200P not receiving power from solar panel

AC200P connected to solar panels show 58 volts volage but no current, I PV slected on DC input source.

is the polarity correct on the panel output? If so, how are you connecting the panel the the AC200P? Could you take a pic of the AC200P showing the 58 volts being displayed on the screen?

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@spgallegos What is the PV input current displayed on the screen?

zero amps, solar panel are 300Watts

Are you already at 100% state of charge or is it too cold to charge?

no at 60%

h@spgallegos Is there any error code displayed? You can do a full cycle of charge and discharge.

how do I full cycle of charge and discharge?

You attach a load to the unit and discharge until the battery is empty. Then…take the power brick, plug it in and leave it plugged in until you are at 100%. But…a couple of pics of how you are attaching your solar panel, under what conditions etc would be very helpful in order to give useful advice. At this point with the information provided, guesses are all that can be offered.

do you have strong sun or nice winter clouds like in our region?
Just the voltage is also there at cloudy weather, so if no power is behind, there is no…

54.4V is fully charged for a 48V LFP battery. It’s not drawing solar power because the battery is fully charged ad it doesn’t need any power.

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@spgallegos When you do the full cycle of charge and discharge, please ignore the SOC. Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down.