AC200P not receiving a charge from the solar panels

My AC200P shows it is receiving power from the solar panels but it is not charging the battery. It shows 30 volts, but no Amps. It was charging earlier than just stopped.

I assume you have the same App as mine for the AC500; does the app show the green line moving from PV to the center Battery % circle? Then it is trying to charge the battery. If you’re talking about when you tap on the PC icon and it shows Watts and Voltage, then the panel isn’t getting enough sun to produce any wattage. Very early in the morning mine will show 70 volts but 0 watts, because the panel is not yet getting enough sunlight. It also shows this when the battery is at 100%.

The AC200P requires 35 volts minimum for charging to begin (there is a little wiggle room lower but that is the spec). Your panels producing 30 volts is not sufficient for charging.

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@ARocker What is the open circuit voltage of the solar panel?
Is the correct mode selected, PV charging requires PV mode to be selected
Can you use car charging normally? If so then there may be a problem with the solar panel or the connection cable.